August 2018

PADA (Portugal)

PADA is an artist-led, not for profit, arts organisation based in Barreiro in Lisbon’s South Bay. The Residency Programme runs alongside our long term studios, creating an environment conducive to dialogue, collaboration and sharing of knowledge between the two programmes. Participating artists are expected to engage with the overall programme objectives, to contribute to a collective enterprise, and be open to work with others. PADA also run a gallery program exhibiting international artists and host events and exhibitions throughout the year.

viadellafucina16 (Italy)

viadellafucina16 is an international artist-in-residency programme launched by Kaninchen-Haus in 2017, with the aim of giving life to the world’s first experiment of a Condominium-Museum. The residency occurs within a majestic 19th-century building, that we find today in a complete state of abandon and decline. More than two hundreds people of different nationalities inhabit this apartment complex located in the heart of the Turin’s district Porta Palazzo, where the biggest open market in Europe rises. 
Through an international open call, whose 1st edition received 442 candidacies, artists have been invited to realize their artwork in the common areas of the building, with the purpose of promoting its regeneration and activating a dialogue among the different communities of tenants. 

StudionAme (United Kingdom)

StudionAme has more than 30 artists in various categories, Fine artists, designer, jewelry makeras, special effect artist, glass blower, etc. Collaborating with LCB Depot (Leicester creative business depot), DMU (De montfort University) and AAC (Attenborough Arts Centre, University of Leicester), we offer time and space for artists to engage with a new location, share their culture and practice with local artists and makers, while making new work or full-filling ongoing projects. Studioname provides support and advice throughout to help push artists boundaries to enhance their practice.


ARTnSHELTER would welcome resident artists and exhibitions. This program includes up to 3 months stay at ARTnSHELTER with up to 3 weeks exhibition time at ARTnSHELTER. Every year, we have more than 10 artists stay/exhibit and enhanced their artistic career. ARTnSHELTER is an international creative hub based in Tokyo. We are a hostel, gallery, cafe/bar and fabrication space. Our aim is to connect creative people all over the world. Residence artists will have access to the fabrication facilities.

Artpackers.Life (India)

The Residency Program is based on the idea of exploring and expressing the encounter between traditional and contemporary art and craft practices. It welcomes practitioners of all art forms (visual and performing), architecture and design, in an environment that provides time, space and inspiration.
Focused on experimentation, the principal mandate of this residency program is play – play with concepts, techniques, materials, colour etc. We encourage our artists to make mistakes, use this time to re-establish the link between imagination and actualization, and further develop their practices.

Uzupis Art Incubator (Lithuania)
Uzupis Art Incubator

Uzupis Art Incubator was established by a group of young initiative people more than 15 years ago with a goal of creating first art incubator in the Baltic States that gathers like-minded creative organisations and artists. Uzupis Art Incubator functions as a meeting place, space for cooperation, connection and inspiration.
UAI gave start to community movement – Uzupis Republic. Here artists declared district as an independent Republic and now it seeks to represent the interests of local artist community by initiating various manifests, movements and activities. This self-proclaimed “Republic” of Uzupis” has its own anthem, constitution, seven bridges, and its own guardian called The Bronze Angel of Uzupis. Many activities of UAI are very closely related to Uzupis district and Uzupis community – artistic performances, local art projects, festivals, informal Uzupis information centre, creative workshops and many other events.

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