December 2016

Awakening Arts Academy (Italy, United States)
Awakening Arts Academy

Awakening Arts Academy is an international nexus for art, creativity & consciousness. We have beautiful centers near Assisi, Italy and Portland Oregon. We believe in art as a vehicle for inspiration and upliftment. We offer a studio and classroom, a fine art gallery, a venue for performance, a gathering place for artists and visionaries, musicians, writers, film-makers, dancers, poets & playwrights, and a living laboratory for exploration and collaboration.

Hannacc (Spain)

Hannacc is a residence and creative centre in a typical Catalan rural house in the heart of the Penedès, a land of vineyards and olive groves, 45 minutes from Barcelona. We open our facilities to creators from around the world and work in all disciplines: Visual Arts, New Media, Sound & Music, Performing Arts, Design, Architecture, Literature, Research, Philosophy, Art theory, Curatorial projects, Anthropology or another creative projects. Has a large studio space and a garden to be able to do outdoor activities.

Real Art Estate (Germany)
Real Art Estate

Real Art Estate (RAE) is established on a farm from 1880. It is a conglomerate of exhibition spaces and artist-in-residence studios, 40 km from Berlin. The RAE farm is an experimental interdisciplinary Art Land project that questions gentrification and the fragmentation of knowledge. All our members contributes by bringing their knowledge, expertise and artisitc vision to the transformation of the RAE Farm.

Kalakhetra International Artist Residency (Perform Odisha) (India)
Kalakhetra International Artist Residency (Perform Odisha)

Kalakhetra Internataional Artist’s Residency is an artist run residency that seeks to bring western and other international artists into collaboration and exchange with the visual artists of Raghurajpur, a cultural villiage in Odisha (Orrisa) India. Kalakhetra (Perform Odisha) residency is an interactive and immersive program where artists live along side village artists/craft people. During the residency artists will have the opportunity to learn a variety of arts and crafts in the form of patachitra , tassar painting, palm leaf engraving , paper mache , cow dung toys , dhokara (brass casting) ,stone carving , wood carving , patch work(modern applique), ganjapa playing cards, coir toys and teracuta. There is also shared studio space for artists to make their own work outside of the offered workshops/programs.

Alchemy (Canada)

Participants will have the opportunity to launch, continue individual or collaborative work in a variety of mediums (visual arts, sculpture, photography, performance art, writing or video) inspired by their surroundings and shared at the end of the residency. Immersing themselves in their own practice during the County’s lush summer season, residents will also contribute their culinary creativity to lively salon style communal dinners. Shared Menus will be based on the Group’s appetite for preparing what is available locally in late summer.

Buinho Creative Hub (Portugal)
Buinho Creative Hub

Buinho Residencies programme is directed to creative individuals from different disciplines and is developed by a rural creative hub that opened in 2015 in Alentejo. It gives the opportunity to live and work in the rural village of Messejana (Alentejo) for a period of up to three months.

Arxiu Comarcal de l’Urgell (ACUR) (Spain)
Arxiu Comarcal de l’Urgell (ACUR)

The Arxiu Comarcal de l’Urgell (ACUR) was created in 1982, following an agreement signed between the Department of Culture and the Tàrrega Town Hall. In 1986 its new headquarters were opened in the old part of the town, and it joined the Network of Regional Archives of the Generalitat de Catalonia. The Archive is the custodian of public and private documentation collections, both old and modern, that exist in various formats on various supports. ACUR’s basic mission is to collect, treat, preserve, conserve, diffuse and assess the area’s public and private documentation heritage. And also, to facilitate documentation access and consultation so as to respond to citizen rights and public administration functions.

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