December 2017

MiratecArts (Portugal)

Our residency programs include individual stay to work with the support of our artistic director, and also group programs that work on a theme or a style, for example the EN PLEIN AIR PICO (june 2018). Pico island, middle of the Atlantic Ocean, vulcanic mountain, prestine lagoons, hundreds of shades of green with flowers perking from every orface, natural sea-pools, whales and dolphins and birds at viewing distance, caves and trails to explore, dark lava fields, over 300 craters visible at climbing the 2351 metre-high mountain... an artist paradise.

EDITION/Basel (Switzerland)

EDITION/Basel is a 12 day program for artists working in intaglio, relief, lithography and letterpress techniques at the Druckwerk Printmaking studio in central Basel, Switzerland. Started in 2012, artists have come from countries including Switzerland, the US, Germany, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Norway, Denmark, Japan, India and Cuba to participate. Each session has a theme, which is chosen collaboratively and interpreted individually by the artists; an exhibition is presented at the end of the period.

Artist Immersion Program (USA)
Artist Immersion Program: Italy 2017

Artist residencies are independent experiences, where artists can work in studio space at the villa and interact with the larger group at meals, throughout the day and during travel. Artists can sign up to eat alongside the group or cook dinner at the villa independently. Artist residents are invited to travel with the group to historic locations once a week. Connect to nature by exploring the extensive park systems the villa resides in. Simplify your life and focus on your work. The villa functions as a studio space for residents at all times of day.

Seven Gardens Art Residency (Iran)
Seven Gardens Art Residency

Seven Gardens is the name of a newly-built, privately-owned villa in Kerman, Iran. It is in a picturesque mountainous area that is close to the city at the same time as being in a stunning, natural setting. Seven Gardens Residency is named for the new highway and tourism area that it is in. This location will allow for many possible group excursions and things for residents to do in their spare time while attending the residency. This highway features large-scale public sculptures dotted along it, which makes even the drive to the residency an artistic experience.

The Company Theatre- Workspace (India)
The Company Theatre- Workspace

This space was set up to enable individuals & groups with artistic and allied pursuits, to live together in a calm and inspiring environment and through rigorous research and practice, create new and exciting artistic works. Though it started primarily as a performing arts and theatre space, it has now enlarged its scope to welcoming all form of arts and allied metiers. The residency functions all year round. With a capacity to host from 20 to 45 artists, three workspaces (indoor & outdoor), outdoor amphi theatre and community living.

RAMDOM (Italy)

Ramdom is involved with artistic and cultural design and production. The association promotes new creative practices and innovative languages of communication, interacting with citizens and public, private, national and international organisations. Ramdom aims to create a narration of a land, a mapping of Capo di Leuca that can be used both by the people who lives there and by an occasional traveller. Founded in 2011 at the tip of Italy’s heel, Ramdom creates and provides training in contemporary art and promotes mobility through masterclass, workshops, exhibitions and residencies.

IKAR hut residency, Ohrid (Macedonia)
IKAR hut residency, Ohrid

Ikar hut is a family owned hostel with three generations of writers, scientists and artists running the house as an eco friendly residence for artists, adventureurs and nature lovers. It is situated in a quiet area by the cost of Ohrid lake, 8km outside of the city centre, Unesco world\'s natural and cultural heritage. Many shuttles to town and to st. Naum monastery (founded 9th century). It is an inspiring place for visual, performing, video or audio artists as well as for writers or movie directors.

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