December 2018

Draw to Perform (United Kingdom)
Draw to Perform

Drawing Performance is a vibrant art form where artists creating art from mark making in front of a live audience. The art created combines elements of line, movement, space and time and is a celebration of energy and creativity. 
Draw to Perform is an international community for Drawing Performance. Since 2013 Draw to Perform organizing international symposiums and festivals, work with and support emerging and established artists, hold various events, collaborations with art institutions, and run educational workshops.

arthotelpanorama (Greece)

From May 7th till May 21st, 2019 Art-hotel Panorama will organise a writer-in-residency program in its premises in Pyrgadikia with the theme Hypostasis. Languages: Greek, English, German.
Pyrgadikia is a small fishing village in Sithonia, Chalkidiki, about 100km from Thessaloniki.  The minimum number of participants will be 5 and the maximum 12. During the residency period there will be no other guests in the hotel.

Origins Artist Residency (Australia)
Origins Artist Residency

In 1983, the property was generously donated to Origins Centre, a WA group interested in Buddhist ideas and practices. Although retreats and Buddhist study groups have always been held here, the Origins Centre has now evolved into a universal, inclusive and practical place open to the community. Through the years the Centre has welcomed many groups exploring a variety of subjects including environmental activism, art workshops, bush regeneration, mental health, care, youth and children's education and play.

Sanggar O (Indonesia)
Sanggar O

Sanggar O is a new experimentation and rehearsal space for the performing arts in Bogor, on the outskirts of Jakarta, Indonesia, which opened on 1 January 2018.
“Sanggar” means “studio” in Indonesian, from the Sanskrit “sanggam”, to bring together. Sanskrit has influenced most of the languages of Southeast Asia. The “O” is zero, nol, emptiness, beginning, completion, perfection, circle, unity, the world, the universe..

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