February 2018

KIAR:Kalanirvana International Artist Residency (India)
KIAR:Kalanirvana International Artist Residency

The purpose of KALANIRVANA is to provide an ideal atmosphere and platform for talented and emerging as well as established creative minds to explore and expand their horizon build on their creativity while continuing their artistic journey. Kalanirvana welcomes emerging and established artists, from various forms of art, curators, photographers, film makers, researchers and writers with an identified project and a commitment to fulfill their creative goals with various activities and projects of us.

Arts Itoya (Japan)
Arts Itoya

Arts Itoya is an artist in residence program in Takeo, Saga Prefecture, Japan. Studio Kura, the company in charge of the long running residence progam in Fukuoka Prefecture, started it in 2018 after reforming an old kimono shop called Itoya. Disciplines and media includes: Visual Art, Educational Programmes, Animation, Curatorial Sculpture, Ceramics, Dance and Literature.

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