January 2018

Art Noise NG Limited (Nigeria)
Art Noise NG Limited

Art Noise celebrates Africa’s multiculturalism and diversity and brings consumers of art a mix of ancient and contemporary arts, culture, food and style from the most creative minds across the North, West, East, Southern and central Africa. Artists will get a residency experience that allows them travel 3 different countries and work with already established creatives, creating new works while learning new things in a different cultural setting and gaining a whole new experience.

LUXELAKES·A4 Art Museum (China)

Since the project was formally initiated in April 2013, A4’s artist in residence international exchange program has given many artists, curators, and designers from China and abroad the opportunity to exchange and interact with one another. It has also encouraged innovative artists and artist groups with contributions to public knowledge to carry out participatory projects that intervene in the community or city. The international residency’s locally based production, exchange, and exhibitions strengthen cultural exchange and academic dialogue between the institution and its surroundings.

TongLau Space (Hong Kong)
TongLau Space

AIR program in HK are mainly held by institutions, museums and art centres by invitation. We strongly believe that AIR program is not only good for Hong Kong, but also good for artist around the world.  We would like to try to create more opportunities for artist who are passionate in art,  cultural exchange and interested in exploring the culture of Hong Kong and making new art in Hong Kong. We welcome different status artists to join our program, such as experienced artists, fresh artists or art students from overseas.

chaNorth (USA)

chaNorth is a New York State artist residency aimed at providing a nourishing, focused environment for emerging and established artists as they continue their committed practices. chaNorth accepts applications in all creative fields, including but is not limited to visual arts, writing, choreography, music composition, and performance. The program offers an opportunity for 5-7 artists to remove themselves from the typical demands of daily life and immerse themselves in a creative live/work space for four weeks. Resident artists will be provided with a private furnished bedroom and semi-furnished studio.

Bruny Island Foundation for the Arts/ Cape Bruny Residency (Australia)
Bruny Island Foundation for the Arts/ Cape Bruny Residency

The Bruny Island Foundation for the Arts is seeking applications from artists across a broad range of disciplines (visual artists, writers, musicians, multi form) to complete a supported residency for four weeks in an historic dwelling owned by the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service at Cape Bruny in the South Bruny Island National Park. A stipend of up to $2000 is available for the 4 week project. In addition, the successful artist will receive free accommodation.This residency is offered in partnership with the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service.

Hellotree (China)

Based in China\'s most emerging cultural city of Chengdu, the Hellotree Artist Residency programme is led by a brand-new concept that is to create a new model of artist residency which blends artists’ studio practices and customised travelling experiences. During the one-month-in-residence there will be a group of 2-3 artists, each artist will be provided with an independent studio in Chengdu. And during the residency, there will be about half of the time for the artists chose to take a "Grand Tour” - a road-trip to the eastern Tibetan regions that led by the organiser which is not yet widely explored and opened to foreign tourists.

Le Château - Association Diagn´Art (Senegal)
Le Château - Association Diagn´Art

The local and international staff of Le Château will be happy to accompany you in the discovery of local life and put you in touch with the people you need to develop your artistic project. The presence of a dance school, video editors and a recording studio within the co-working space allows different types of artistic creations and exchange. Le Château encourages it’s residents to host exhibitions, representations or shows during and at the end of a residency.

ADATA AiR (Bulgaria)

ADATA AiR is a project of Plovdiv 2019 Foundation, realized in partnership with the Goethe-Institut in Bulgaria and the Polish Institute in Sofia. The platform is open for artists, architects, designers, etc., from Europe to join the special pre-capital-of-culture stage for the development of the Bulgarian city Plovdiv, which is going to be a European Capital of Culture in 2019. During their stay, the residents will have the opportunity to develop new projects and interact with the local communities and the complex cultural realities of the city.

DISQUIET International Literary Program/DISQUIET Residency in the Azores (USA)
DISQUIET International Literary Program/DISQUIET Residency in the Azores

DISQUIET is a project of US-based Dzanc Books and the Portuguese Centro Nacional de Cultura with support from the Luso-American Development Foundation and many other organizations. Run by a group of North American writers with ties to Portugal, the program aims to deepen mutual understanding among writers from North America and writers from Portugal. The program takes its inspiration from The Book of Disquiet, the great Lisbon poet Fernando Pessoa’s masterpiece; from the city of Lisbon itself; and from the late Portuguese poet Alberto de Lacerda.

Eramboo Artist Environment (Australia)
Eramboo Artist Environment

Eramboo is a contemporary creative place on the edge of a World Heritage National Park, in which artists fourish and nurture connections between art, nature and the community. Eramboo Artist in Residence program provides artists with an inspirational bushland setting for developing a body of work or a site responsive project or to simply to grow creatively. Artists can immerse themselves in a peaceful natural environment where they can truly focus on their work. A live in residency is ideal for regional, inter-state or international artists working in all media, writers, musicians, dance or performance artists.

A.I.R. Madreselva (Uruguay)
A.I.R. Madreselva

The Casa Madreselva residence, an ancient house (1865) in the very center of Montevideo, aims to promote the exchange between artists from all over the world and the artistic-cultural realty of Montevideo: it offers its guests an opportunity of collective stay, of production in multifunctional laboratories and exhibition of their work, and also organizes or hosts meetings and workshops. In the splendour of its Liberty interiors guests can sleep, cook, produce and exhibit artistic works in an atmosphere of sharing and freedom.

48 by the Bay (Australia)
48 by the Bay

Gallery Sobrane is excited to begin offering residencies in their new gallery space in Broome, Western Australia. Beginning in early 2018, Gallery Sobrane now invites all visual artists, filmmakers, writers and musicians to come and bask in the natural beauty of the gallery’s surrounds, while being inspired by the charismatic and historic site that is “Captain Gregory’s”. Broome is known as Australia´s tropical paradise. Successful residents will be provided with accommodation, exclusive studio space, exhibition space, a discount at the local artists suppliers and access to full time gallery staff. 

House of Encounters (Ireland)
House of Encounters

We have opportunities for self-directed residencies and artist exchange program residencies that we organize and direct. If you are an artist interested in a quiet space and plenty of time for creating your art and being by yourself in nature , we can offer you , your own hut with fireplace and access to cooking facilities and composting toilet. The idea is that the workshop/creative exchange time would happen in the morning and to leave the afternoon open for artists to use the studio spaces available.  We are interested in artists from different art forms, also writers and philosophers are welcome.

Experience (Italy)

Living spaces transcend domestic norms becoming a living dialogue between old knowledge and contemporary creativity. We cooperate with local aspiring designers and artisans to design spaces, treating rooms as a blank canvas to explore local aesthetics and contemporary issues. Experience holds a number of events and workshops including yoga classes, furniture design, sewing lessons, concerts, and traditional cooking classes as a way for guests to participate in creative cultural exchanges.

Elmo´s House Artist Residency (Phillipines)
Elmo´s House Artist Residency

Elmo’s House Artist Residency is a studio/live space for local and international artists. Located at the heart of a small seaside town of Batan in the province of Aklan in the Philippines, our residency provides a unique immersive experience for Artists. The town is off the tourist route and has retained its particular charm over the years. Religious traditions and festivals happen throughout the year and are all highly anticipated events. The Residency is also near secluded beaches and forgotten historical sites.

Art Inside Out (Sweden)
Art Inside Out

Our residencies are open for both international and national artists working with all forms of artistic expressions. We offer an opportunity for a creative practitioner to come to work in Halland for a set period of time with support that includes full funding, travels, technical facilities, accommodation and work premises. Each residency is uniquely curated, and it starts processes that can carry on long after the residence artists have left the site. That is one of the aims with the flexible art institute Art Inside Out that is run as a partnership between the Halland County and its six municipalities.

La Maison Assise (France)
La Maison Assise

La maison assise offers its residents large, comfortable, luminous rooms with dedicated workspaces, views and private bathrooms, and an atmosphere outside of time. This residency is ideally suited to writing, drawing, dreaming, researching, exploring. There are many wonderful places to visit close by. You have the option of being fully catered for during your stay. No outcomes are required, but we will happily organise events (readings /exhibitions/ concerts) to showcase your work.

Staunton Hill Center for Thought, Creativity, and Production (United States)
Staunton Hill Center for Thought, Creativity, and Production

The Staunton Hill Center for Thought, Creativity and Production (SH) boasts natural beauty combined with layers of history and a rarified aesthetic sensibility. The atmosphere is uplifting, inspiring and serene. SH strives to stimulate creativity through direct contact with beauty and nature and a respect for the environment. The ancient Celts described areas where they believed heaven and earth were especially close as "thin" places. There is something in the deep starry nights followed by misty morning sunrises, the long angle of rosy afternoon light and the very air at Staunton Hill that evokes the spirituality noted by the Celts. A visiting Chinese scholar said of Staunton Hill: it is, "Where day becomes night and night becomes day.”

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