July 2018


We have been developing the art festival and art programs at Odate city in Akita prefecture every year since 2007, such as in vacant store of shopping district and in natural rich suburbs. Many of the artists for the art festival will stay in the city every year, also we have conducted long-term residency program from 2012 to 2014. In Akita prefecture, there are delicious food, Japanese sake, rich nature and a lot of hot springs. They rooted in people’s lives as of course, unique culture that is inherited from the old days remains.

Createspace Wales (United Kingdom)
Createspace Wales

We are an artist run organisation, started in Summer 2018, open to all artists of every race and cultural background without any prejudiced or discrimination. Our aim is to help and support our artists to the best of our abilities through strong communication and adapting to each individuals needs. We will promote artists through our website and social media including any other form we find necessary, helping to form connections where we can (in the local and wider artist community). By providing time and space, sharing skills and knowledge, we hope to enhance the professional development of both our permanent and visiting artists. We will also strive to improve and develop ourselves through our artists and the Res Artis network, being open to suggestions that may help all parties in the future.


The artistic getaway without having to leave your house, a place of timeless harmony. 
A place where you can find yourself again. An online platform that offers a great solution using online resources. Artists are invited to deepen their artistic development and learn to use the advantages of art on an online platform. A platform that connects artists with each other, a community which is looking for alternative ways of communicating about art. Paradise is designed for artists who have daily obligations such as a job, a family or who choose not to travel to distanced places. It gives voice to a large group and shares this with a wider audience. It is a safe place to experiment and create.

Cel del Nord (Spain)
Cel del Nord

We give you a distraction-free, and inspiration-rich environment to do extraordinary creative work. Artists, writers and musicians stay here to make use of the studio and enjoy a peaceful escape in the vast countryside, which unravels from our doorstep. The two go hand-in-hand: the peaceful escape inevitably inspires whatever takes place in the studio, or at the writers’ desk. We strongly support creatives who also have \'day jobs\' or other committments and encourage them to use their time with us to unblock projects that have otherwise been waylaid by everyday life.

FaveLAB (Greece)

FaveLAB is an interdisciplinary platform and a creative lab based in Athens/Greece and operating globally. FaveLAB focuses on the urban dynamics of Athens, a SE metropolis in the epicenter of social and cultural shifts, and aims at making their significance understandable to the art community and the broader public. Experimental art work, alternative presentations, socially integrative art and design approaches, strong communication campaigns are FaveLAB´s main characteristics.

Residencia São João (Brazil)
Residencia São João

The São João Residencies Program is a rural residency, focusing on multidisciplinarity, experimentation and research. We are located in a historic 19th century estate, near the city of São José do Vale do Rio Preto, in the countryside of Rio de Janeiro (3 hours drive from Rio). The project is open to individuals and collectives acting in different areas and medias. 

Aria Residency (Iran)
Aria Residency

Aria Art House Residency is a not-for-profit space, which provides artists, curators, writers and researchers the opportunity to live and create work in Tehran. By providing the accommodation and studio for Iranian and international residents, Aria aims to extend the mobility inside country and outside and engage the local artists with the non-Iranian ones for a specific period of time. This will create more cultural exchange and dialogue for both sides and will develop the Iranian contemporary art and culture. Aria offers a community in which the residents can participate and connect to the art scene, so they can get the most out of their stay.

msk7 (Germany)

The art project RESIDENZPFLICHT/RESIDENCE REQUIREMENT will award 10 project scholarships for one-month artist residency stays on the site of Berlin refugee accommodation centres between 2019 and 2020. 10 visual artists are invited to live for one month in one of Berlin´s Modular Refugee Accommodation Centres in order to produce context-based artistic work there. The project aims to temporarily open up the self-contained locations of Berlin refugee shelters to practices and developments from the world of contemporary art.

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