June 2017

CAMP (France)

Nestled in the French Pyrenees at 750m altitude, 10km from the Spanish border and surrounded by snowcapped peaks, waterfalls and forests, is the picturesque thermal town of Aulus-les-bains. In the town, housed in a beautifully renovated 19th century hotel, is CAMP - the first of a new breed of arts residency. In 2018, CAMP will run a series of arts, music, writing and arts-activist sessions. These are no ordinary courses - they are intense, artistic catalysts run by internationally acclaimed practitioners.

Arthaus Ambach - Syntopik Research (Germany)
Arthaus Ambach - Syntopik Research

Our objective is to create a new paradigm in research and research methodology, transcending disciplines. The residency facilitates cutting edge research between artists and scientists on a highly creative level of excellence. The radical shift from an additive to a co-creative permeation of the disciplines was named ‘Syntopia’ by the neuroscientist E. Pöppel. Our objective is therefore a ‘syntopik´ paradigm in research and research methodology, transcending disciplines. The residency is mediated by artist and scientist ‘diplomats’ who have the ability to simultaneously inhabit multiple epistemic domains, being genuinely sympathetic to different frameworks in the arts, humanities and sciences. 

Art See Ocean Gallery (Sweden)
Art See Ocean Gallery

Most welcome to Art See Ocean Gallery where the forrest meets the sea.
In this residence we offer artists a place in nature and silence and the inner journey that naturally takes place when being with yourself in nature. We offer the artist to be part of our morning meditation. During the residency we want you to make short film clips in life conversation with us about the process of being here. As Stefan says: "Beauty is the hardest to take in, you have to prepare it its own space".

365 Haridwar (India)
365 Haridwar

AZIMVTH Ashram is a non-profit located on the banks of Ganges and foothills of Himalayas at Haridwar, India. It aims to improve shared futures using the ancient heritage as catalysts. This is achieved through the flagship programme of an international art residency called ‘365 Haridwar’. AZIMVTH brings together ancient & future, global & local, and art & spirituality.

KAAYSÁ art residency (Brazil)
KAAYSÁ art residency

Kaaysá Art Residency is a family property own for the last 20 years that was turned into an art residency. The organizers are a galerist, in the art for more than 30 years, and a young curator, poet and writer that has been organizing art residencies around Brazil. The property has 37 rooms, from wich some will be dedicated to be a regular individual or double accomodation equiped with a bed or two, a table , a bathroom, mini fridge, tv and a ceiling fan, and others will be used as a private studio, where the artist can work and sleep, of course depending on the kind of work and materials he will be using.

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