June 2018

Unit 1 Gallery Workshop Foundation (United Kingdom)
Unit 1 Gallery Workshop Foundation

The objectives of Workshop Foundation are to promote the arts and the advancement of artistic practice and innovation. Workshop Foundation achieves this by creating essential opportunities for emerging and mid-career artists of all ages and backgrounds, as well as curators, by providing space and time for exhibitions, residencies, arts education and public programs. Workshop Foundation also establishes and maintains outwardly engaged and meaningful experiences by providing free access to these programs for public benefit.

studio dragonfly (India)
studio dragonfly

Studio Dragonfly is a creative collaborative where artists, writer, architect and designers have come together to work on projects and organise artist run activities. As practising artists themselves, we understand the needs and requirements of an artist, and hope to provide that to artists who wish to come spend time here.

ArtOxygen (India)

ArtO2 is an independent contemporary art organization based out of Mumbai, India, since 2009. It specializes in curating, planning, and producing art projects which challenge and question the idea of the “public” in all its meanings and uses. We strive to provide access to and knowledge of contemporary arts, as we strongly believe art can foster creativity, celebrate cultural diversity, promote inclusion and stimulate innovation.

Mauser EcoHouse (Costa Rica)
Mauser EcoHouse

The Residency Program at the Mauser EcoHouse provides artists with a beautiful, tranquil and inspirational space where guests can immerse themselves in their individual projects. Here, artists are encouraged to be self directed and pursue their own creative ideas. The program furnishes artists with luxury accommodations, ample work space and serene surroundings so that individual or group projects can be worked on and creativity can flourish. 

Mothership.NYC (United States)

Mothership NYC is a combined live-work space and presentation arena for international artists across multiple disciplines in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn, NYC. Our mission is to support and promote artists at all career levels through residencies, public shows and collaborative opportunities; build sustainable transnational artist networks; and help retain creative forces in New York City.

Casale Rappini (Italy)
Casale Rappini

Over the centuries the Casale has been enlarged and reduced according to the needs. At the beginning there was a church and some rooms for residential use, then large warehouses on several levels. Subsequently it was fortified and the sighting tower was raised. Then came the time of the stables and the fences, the hive and the shelters, then the school, the infirmary, the bakery... This inspiration has not been lost: even today the Casale is a place of welcome and exchange. If in past it offered accommodation to peasants and pilgrims, now it offers accommodation to travelers and artists from all over the world. If it was an agricultural warehouse, today our goal is to become a warehouse of ideas.

THE HUG platform for cultural cooperation (Spain)
THE HUG platform for cultural cooperation

THE HUG platform for cultural cooperation is a non-profit cultural association, whose purpose is the creation of cultural cooperation networks between Spain and Finland. THE HUG was born thanks to the Gilfer’s initiative, with the support of Rafael Agudo, Klaara Nieminen, Mari Nieves Vergara, Julia San Millán and Toni Ledentsa, producers and cultural managers. Its main commitment is cultural exchange, highlighting networking, co-production and research. The main objective of THE HUG is the immersion of artists and creative agents in the Madrid art scene, through artistic creation and living personal experiences in this context.

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