March 2017

Nomad (Thinking) Residency (Switzerland)
Nomad (Thinking) Residency

NOMAD (THINKING) RESIDENCY is an artist-run art-residency without a fix place and target group. The project offers an undefined amount of irregularly determined residencies at rather unusual places, each time reacting to the existing context, aiming to discuss and stretch the idea of what an art residency is and can be.

ADDEND (Spain)

Addend es una infraestructura estable e independiente que nace con el objetivo de potenciar, facilitar y desarrollar la investigación, la producción y la difusión de propuestas avanzadas, críticas y comprometidas de cultura contemporánea. Addend pretende generar un marco de actuación favorable en cuanto a potenciar el encuentro, el debate y el trasvase de conocimientos, la interrelación multidisciplinar, la investigación...; en definitiva, la producción colaborativa.

Popps Packing (United States)
Popps Packing

Popps Packing offers residencies for emerging and mid-career artists interested in an immersive experience in Hamtramck and Detroit. Residencies are usually for 1-3 months and applications are reviewed every 4-6months. Applications will be considered after the deadline if there are vacancies.

Kuenstlerhaus Hotel Pfaelzer Hof (Germany)
Kuenstlerhaus Hotel Pfaelzer Hof

The Pfaelzer Hof is an artist-led town and cultural development project, breathing new life into a quarter of Idar-Oberstein in the Rhineland-Palatine region of Germany. The Pfaelzer Hof residency programme is open to emerging and established writers and artists. During the months of April to October one to four writers and/or artists may be in residence. Some of the time other visitors to the town may also be staying at the Pfaelzer Hof.

Fondazzjoni Kreattività (Malta)
Fondazzjoni Kreattività

The Artist-in-Residence (AIR) programme by Fondazzjoni Kreattività was launched back in 2001, just a few months after the creation of the Foundation based at St James Cavalier. The AiR Programme aims to enrich cultural diversity within the national creative scene, and encourage productive interactions between international creatives and local creatives, between international creatives and communities as well as physical and virtual environments.

La Devignère (France)
La Devignère

“La Devignère” has been a place dedicated to artistic activities since 1992. From this time, the theatre company “Tour de Babel” used this rambling old house as its main base for more than twenty creations. In 2005, a new association “Thélème” opened the house to companies and individuals interested in “creative retreats” and worked on developing cultural activities in this rural area. The association ended in 2016. Since then, the owners (artists themselves) have been promoting this exceptional place, now fully restored, to continue these cultural activities, proposing residencies in all fields of creative activities including academic and creative writing.

The Weight of Mountains, Film & Media (Canada)
Nomad (Thinking) Residency

The Weight of Mountains is an artist run program, nomadic, and somewhat decentralised. As an ongoing platform it takes shape as its own artistic project embracing concepts found in philosophy, law, global/local, community, and arts. We hold values of environmental, community, or site-speciic ideologies that mean we are responsive and respectful of places we visit.

BecomeBecome (Spain)

Becomebecome is a non-profit that uniquely merges exhibitions, creative incubators and immersion in local art communities into flexible, nomadic residencies taking place across the world. Started by an international team of artist and researchers with a hub in Barcelona, Becomebecome asked one simple question: How can we transform the practice of creatives and researchers by putting them into a radically open dialogue with practitioners from diverse fields and different parts of the world?

Unlisted Projects (United States)
Unlisted Projects

Unlisted Projects cultivates & facilitates interdisciplinary meeting points for visiting national/International artists amid a local landscape. We catalyze & nurture connections between visiting artists & the Austin arts ecosystem. Unlisted Projects’ visiting artists live & work along a thriving community of 25 in-house creatives & are supported to collaborate with the greater Austin art community.

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