March 2018

Studio Faire (France)
Studio Faire

Scottish couple, Colin Usher and Julia Douglas, moved into this stunning mansion house in the centre of the vibrant market town of Nérac (47) in South West France, in 2017 to set up a contemporary arts centre. Even though they are still renovating the property, it is fast becoming a centre for artistic development, providing funded and self-funded residencies, creative courses and cultural events for all types of creative practitioner.

Nectar non-profit cultural organization (Spain)
Nectar non-profit cultural organization

Nectar is a non-profit cultural organization located in the Pre-Pyrenees where work and projects can be combined with passions and enriching activities by collaborating, innovating, and connecting. Nectar is founded on the belief that working in a sustainable, rural and collaborative environment away from the pressures of everyday life in the city can restore and empower people personally and professionally.

Between the Seas: Mediterranean Performing Arts/ The BTS residency (Greece)
Between the Seas: Mediterranean Performing Arts/ The BTS residency

Between the Seas is a performing arts organization operating in Athens (Greece) and New York City (USA), dedicated to the presentation and promotion of contemporary Mediterranean performance. Our mission is to
-promote contemporary Mediterranean performing artists by presenting, producing and commissioning new work.
-familiarize audiences in the Mediterranean, USA and beyond, with the latest developments in the performing arts from the Mediterranea
-create a common platform for Mediterranean and US-based performing artists to share their work, exchange experiences, practices and ideas
-create bridges between the Mediterranean, the USA and the rest of the world for an ongoing exchange of artists and works
-encourage new partnerships between institutions and individuals on both sides of the Atlantic.

ARTALPHA (Romania)

The main aim of Art Alpha Residency is to create various and complex events in Iasi, a cultural town with a lots of inspiration sources, to meet the local artists and the students from George Enescu Fine Arts University, to exchange ideas and to share experiences with them as for a future possible collaboration and to exhibit in Aparte Gallery which belongs to our university or in another gallery from Iasi (organising an enxhibition is not mandatory).

The Martyn House Farm (United States)
The Martyn House Farm

Our Artist Residency Program is designed to enable creative exploration, concentrated work, and artistic exchange in an inspiring and supportive environment. The Martyn House Farm is an 18 acre homestead in North Georgia and the Ellijay Coffeehouse is located in historic downtown Ellijay just 2 miles from the farm. Both the farm and coffeehouse have artistically crafted and unique living and studio spaces where we offer the perfect extended-stay getaway to reflect, create, and explore.

ArteFacto Sonoro (Ecuador)
ArteFacto Sonoro

We are a multidisciplinary group working on cultural management and artistic production. Our projects have received national and international recognition:
- Prize for the Residence and Cultural Exchange 2009, Ministry of Culture of Ecuador.
- Black Rock Arts Foundation Grantee, USA, 2011. We design and manage artistic projects: conceptualization, production, circulation, promotion, dissemination. We are interested in collaborative processes, linking cultural action with communities in territory: research, cultural mediation, management, evaluation of cultural projects.

Aguas Antiguas (Argentina)
Aguas Antiguas

We are a Mexico-Argentina couple working on a project that integrates art, ecology, clean energies, agriculture and nature conservation in a rural space Which is located 5 km from the beautiful village of San Marcos Sierra.Our land by the river gives a pleasurable landscape view that allows us to work with plants and open spaces. A rural space of 10,000 m2 of experimentation focused on the designs and principles of permaculture and sustainable living. There is a house built on various adobe techniques available to receive visitors. A main house underground and a geodetic some dome with its own kitchen and restroom. Here you can learn about solar energy (because all the infrastructure works with this type of technology, energy for the supply of both houses, water pumps, water heating And automated irrigation systems). We work with plants and open spaces, we have a small space of aromatic, fruit trees, orchard and greenhouse and rainwater storage ponds.

Riba Rocks (Spain)
Riba Rocks

The Association of Riba Rocks offers residencies to artists who wish to experience the rural Catalan village and surrounding areas of Riba-roja d´Ebre, with mountain backdrop and olive grove settings. We host music and arts events throughout the year by application process including the Riba Rocks festival, the Mercat d´Artesans and Riu d´Art. Riu d´Art offers village accommodation to successful artists to taste the local culture in the summer months with fiestas and welcoming community. 

Kintai Arts (Lithuania)
Kintai Arts

The Kintai Arts Residence is an international residency program for artists located in Kintai (Silute municipality, Lithuania). It is an artistic initiative in a rural location which provides a forum for all artistic branches and interdisciplinary work, encouraging encounters with contemporary art forms outside of urban cultural centers. Interaction and intervention between art and the local community and environment where it is practiced is a significant aspect of the project. 

Lancaster Press Fiji (Fiji)
Lancaster Press Fiji

Lancaster Press has been a independent workshop for over 28 years collaborating with artists in hand lithography. Moving to Fijis main island of Viti Levu fills a gap not yet available in the Pacific Islands. House and workshop has panoramic views of hills in the east and ocean to the west. Costs are on a sliding scale depending on artists personal needs starting from availability of 4 bedroom house with studio and car or sharing house with fellow artists with kitchen,bathroom facilities and large living space.

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