May 2016

Offshore Residency (United States)
Offshore Residency

Offshore Residency is founded and run by artists and sailors. Offshore is a traveling artists-in-residency program designed to bring together dedicated artists and writers from all backgrounds for a week-long journey at sea. Each Offshore journey navigates to a specific, historic region, where participants engage with local communities through special exhibitions, projects, talks, screenings and events coordinated by the program. Through these relationships, artists will have the opportunity to reflect upon their work and its objectives outside of marketplace demands and experience the rigors and rewards of sailing under the guidance of experienced captains.


La MaMa Umbria International is a a former 700 year-old convent situated in the countryside surrounding the town of Spoleto in central Italy, less than two hours away from Rome. La MaMa Umbria functions as an International Artists Residency, hosting groups during periods of work, research and artistic creation. La MaMa Umbria have 13 rooms and can accomodate around 30 people in the same place they work. Is an old monastery, rebuild as artistic residency. The building has one rehearsal space, an outside stage of 12mt x 12 mt, one space for galleria, one cafe, one office and one common kitchen. We use also another space/theatre in the center of the town of Spoleto.

Art & Soul (Italy)
Art & Soul

Art&Soul is a collaborative labor of love by John and Souheir Rawlings. They will be your hosts and guides for the entire Artist Residency Program. They have many years of experience working with Emerging and Experienced Artists alike, sharing their love of the creative process and the passion for cultural learning. They are available to assist participants with individual Artistic Pursuits, offering gentle guidance, art instruction, lectures, critiques to those who seek a more "structured" approach to the residency. However, they understand and support the Artist\'s need to create in a less-formal setting, and can provide access to basic services, destinations to create or wander, in a perhaps more independent atmosphere as well.

King Island Arts & Cultural Centre (Australia)
King Island

The King Island Arts & Cultural Centre is a small gallery and workshop occupying an unused Port Authority house on the picturesque Currie Harbour. King Island is a relatively remote location, accessible only by air with a population of less than 1500 people living on an island the size of Hong Kong. This allows a sense of space and community which adds to the uniqueness of this residency. The King Island Arts & Cultural Centre residency program has been operating successfully for more than a decade. The aim of the program is to encourage artists to visit King Island in order to share their skills and experiences with King Islanders while allowing them the time and space to complete their own work.

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