May 2018

Wild Rose Farm Artist´s Retreat (Canada)
Wild Rose Farm Artist´s Retreat

We offer a one or two week retreat at our eco-friendly organic farm. Artists can pursue their work, cultivating their creativity in direct contact with nature in a restful and beautiful setting. Working space is provided, and farm, nature and found objects are available to those who would like to make use of them with gratitude. Whether seeking inspiration, rest or just time to work in a rural and peaceful environment, this retreat offers all of these possibilities.

Wild Rose Farm Artist´s Retreat

The purpose of the Association is to promote artist expression, by inviting both Portuguese and international artists or curators to (re)discover the disciplines covered by this art form and to promote all aspects of the city of Lisbon, especially as regards its culture, architecture, history and society (among other areas).

AiRE - Artist-in-Residence-Exchange (Chile)
AiRE - Artist-in-Residence-Exchange

AiRE – Artist-in-Residence-Exchange is a residency program run by a non-profit organization, based in Valparaíso, Chile. The organization was founded in April 2018 by a group of local and international professionals. Our mission is to offer time and space for artists and creatives and serve as a platform for exchange and dialog between the visiting artists and the local community.


Matadero Madrid is a living and changing space at the service of creative processes, participatory artistic formation and dialogue between the arts. It developed from its will to contribute to a reflection about contemporary sociocultural environment, as well as from its vocation to help the cultural construction of today and tomorrow. A special part of Matadero’s mission is to stimulate contemporary creation, taking on an approach which not only is multidisciplinary, but also aims to surpass boundaries between the arts. All forms of artistic expression are considered: performing arts, cinema, music, design, architecture, urban and landscape planning.

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