November 2016

Fíu hús residency (Iceland)
Unpack Studio Havana Art Residency

It is a small artist run residency that rooms 1-2 artists at a time and is located in this historical little fairytale house by the sea, in a wonderful town called Seyðisfjörður. Between the majestic mountains, in the bottom of a fjord, rests a magical town. In this town you will find a uniq energi and understanding of creative thinking, creative process and creative energi in general. This little fairytale house is located in front of the small boat harbour just at the bottom of one of the majestic mountains.

Asia New Zealand Foundation (New Zealand)
Asia New Zealand Foundation

The Asia New Zealand Foundation is New Zealand\'s leading non-government authority on Asia. We are a non-partisan, non-profit organisation, set up in 1994 to build New Zealanders\' knowledge and understanding of Asia. We rely on a mix of public, philanthropic and corporate funding. The Foundation works in partnership with influential individuals and organisations in New Zealand and Asia to provide high-level forums, culture events, international collaborations, school programmes and professional development opportunities. We support and organise Asia-related events and festivals, and offer artists professional development opportunities in Asia.

Hordaland Kunstsenter Residency Programme (Norway)
Hordaland Kunstsenter Residency Programme

In 2017 Hordaland kunstsenter will present a themed artist-in-residence programme that focuses on the various incarnations of writing in connection with art. Although art criticism has dominated the canon of art-writing in the 20th and early 21st century, non-expository, ‘involved’ forms of writing have long existed alongside the plastic arts. In the present this is evident in the increasing visibility of contemporary literary forms such as the artist’s novel, and historical forms of artist’s writing such as modernist concrete poetry. Through sequential residencies hosted throughout the year, Hordaland Kunstsenter hopes to create an ongoing forum for thinking about, reading, and disseminating forms of writing that cross thresholds between art criticism, philosophy, descriptive writing, artist’s statements, fiction, poetry, writing for performance, text art, and any other genres of writing that might be relevant.

La Saumoniere/The Salmonry Writers´ and Artists´ Residency (France)
La Saumoniere/The Salmonry Writers´ and Artists´ Residency

Run by two writers with over thirty titles between them, La Saumonière offers month-long residencies for one writer/artist at a time in s beautiful stone cottage in the south of France. Writers and artists at any stage of career are encouraged to apply and residencies will be awarded competitively. We are are interested in high-calibre work across genres and also across generations and stages of professional development, with a focus on excellence.

Dali Art Factory (China)
Dali Art Factory

Founded in 2014 Dali Art Factory is one of the key hubs for the creative arts in Western China. Based in a tastefully renovated disused factory it contains a multitude of galleries and exhibition spaces alongside our newly built, locally inspired residency building. The residency expects to attract participants from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds and is dedicated to providing a platform to encourage cultural understanding and artistic expression in one of Asia’s most beautiful and diverse regions.

Sklad Residency (Abkhazia)
Sklad Residency

SKLAD (“Depot”) is one of the very few contemporary art initiatives in Abkhazia. It opened in autumn 2015 in Sukhum (Abkhazia’s capital) through the effort of local volunteers and artists. Its aim is to create a space devoted to artistic interventions, debates, screenings and workshops with the aim of fostering cultural and civic dialogue and sharing. In addition to collaborations with international artists, it provides a platform for local artists to develop and show their work.

Antares Art Center/Taidekeskus Antares (Finland)
Antares Art Center/Taidekeskus Antares

Cultural Union of Antares (since 2010) is an association of 23 professional artists of different disciplines. It manages Art Center Antares ( in Sippola, Southern Finland. Executive board consists of three artist and is chaired by sculptor Tiiu Anttinen. Tiiu and her husband lives in site and helps visiting artists with all the practicalities. Seven artists have their private studios in Antares. Annually 1-2 persons are employed in gallery keeping and studio maintaining.

Dar Slimane (Morocco)
Dar Slimane

Our mission is to have on going functional relationships between artists, the environment, the on site animal sanctuary and permaculture gardens. We seek artists that find pleasure engaging in this holistic approach with a respect for nature, animals and sustainable living. Artists are encouraged to develop and experiment in their medium while creating works that would contribute to the functionality and aesthetic of the various aspects of the property in forms such as but not limited to: murals, sculpture, mosaic, stucco relief, installations and creative landscaping functioning with elements of the permaculture garden, functional architecture for wildlife and animal sanctuary, photography, video, 3D projection, accoutrements for leisure, yoga and fitness.

Mudhouse Residency (Greece)
Mudhouse Residency

The Mudhouse Residency is looking forward to it’s fourth consecutive year of hosting a variety of artists across a spectrum of disciplines. The Mudhouse welcomes artists working in two dimensional and three dimensional mediums; painters, photographers, printmakers, dancers, choreographers, authors, screenwriters, video and sound artists. We strive to accommodate any project within our capacity, and take pride in the caliber of work that has been produced at the Mudhouse.

Chilkoot Trail Artist Residency (Canada)
Chilkoot Trail Artist Residency

Yukon Arts Centre together with Parks Canada and the US National Park Service have launched the 2017- 2018 Chilkoot Trail Artist Residency. This residency is a unique two-week backcountry experience for visual artists with a passion for the outdoors. The program invites artists to hike the historic route of Tlingit traders and turn-of-the-century prospectors from the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park in Alaska to the Chilkoot Trail National Historic Site in Canada, and connect with the hundreds of hikers along the trail, while pursuing their artistic practice.

Arte Laguna Prize (Italy)
Arte Laguna Prize

The brainchild of Cultural Association MoCA, the Arte Laguna Prize is an international art competition dedicated to contemporary arts. Its aim is to promote and support the artists and their career by offering a range of opportunities. Since 2006 the Arte Laguna Prize has grown and created year after year a network of collaborations with Foundations, Museums, Galleries, Companies and Art Residencies programs. It established partnerships with art galleries, connections with the business world and art residencies.

Sculpture Space, Inc. (United States)
Sculpture Space, Inc.

Offering two-month residencies and 24 hour access to a studio, Sculpture Space provides emerging, mid-career and established artists with the physical space, technical assistance, specialized equipment, financial support and uninterrupted time to fully engage in artistic exploration. Through works-in-progress receptions, guest lectures, and tours, Sculpture Space also provides artists with opportunities to interact with the public to provide cultural enrichment to the community.

SomoS Art House, Berlin (Germany)
SomoS Art House, Berlin

Selected by Artslant Magazine as one of Berlin’s most interesting art project organizations, SomoS Art House provides space and resources for the presentation, reflection and production of the arts. Organizing an Artist-in-Residency program and an ambitious exhibition and event schedule, SomoS closely works with artists, organizers and curators to realize their projects. SomoS’ mission is to create an international open framework for innovative arts, exhibitions, education and creative cooperation. 

Terra UNA (Brazil)
Terra UNA

Terra UNA is an ecovillage, a rural culture point, a living space with food production and educational center located in a protected area in the Mountains of Serra da Mantiqueira, Minas Gerais. In the ecovillage, the triad landscape, community and consciousness govern the dynamics of local life where the bases of production, art and society are questioned. We believe that art can be deeply linked to the creative transformation of the world in social and environmental challenges we face.

art N ground (Spain)
art N ground

It’s a new and dynamic platform for contemporary art projects. Situated in an artistic colony called Cuevas del Rodeo on the Costa Blanca in the province of Alicante and in a village called Rojales. The location of this residence makes it very original and unique, as the accommodation and living space is actually a cave itself!

ArtRes-Droiteval (France)

The association Centre d\'Art et Culture Droiteval, which ArtRes Droiteval is part, is a meeting place, in the firt place, for artists among each other, in various disciplines. Encounter for artists and a diverse audience (visitors, students, volunteers, etc.). The artists in residence involves the exchange of knowledge and experience to come to a new development that will enrich the artists. Initially, it is the personal project of the individual artist or as a group (musicians, dancers, etc.) that counts. The place Droiteval can serve as a source of inspiration.

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