November 2018

arteventura (Spain)

Deep in the Spanish inland, on a wooded estate of 25 hectares, lies the ecologic
artist’s residency arteventura. Two programs for artists and a distinct philosophy of autonomy and back to basics form the foundation of the residency.
Not only, does the finca – Spanish for “rural estate” – offer its literal spaces, but the interaction with nature and the desire for autonomy of the estate is also meant to be inspiring for all residents. Of you, the artists, we expect a certain involvement in the whole eco-philosophy of the finca, and those want, are welcome to help out. The profits will be shared with you. Crosspollination in all directions. That is the way we see it.

Points Center for Contemporary Art (China)
Points Center for Contemporary Art

Points Center for Contemporary Art, founded in 2017, is devoted to the creation,recording, and promotion of contemporary art and culture. Main projects include the artists’residencies, the construction of an archival database, exhibitions, and public education activities. The center advocates "life within art,” supporting the life and creation of global artists in this center and forming a connection with local culture. We espouse contemporary artistic vision and explosive creative power in order to stimulate globalized contemporary creation. Points devotes itself to providing high-quality conditions for art creators, and to create an environment and platform for the public to interact with contemporary art.

Pépinières Européennes de Création (France)
Pépinières Européennes de Création

The Pépinières Européennes de Création (Creative European Pepinieres) facilitate and foster the mobility of young artists, in view of their professionalisation on the european and international scenes. In order to implement these actions, Pépinières develop mobility, artistic creation, coproduction, dissemination and training programmes to enable young artists and creative professionals to develop and share artistic projects with the audiences they encounter. In a cross-cutting and prospective approach, the Pepinières are particularly attentive to new hybrid creative practices as well as digital cultures.

ARCAthens (Greece)

ARCAthens, Artist Residency Center Athens, is a New York 501(c)(3) whose mission is to bring international artists to Athens, Greece, through a fully supported program, in order to support the creation of art, as well as build cultural bridges and cross-polinate ideas and experiences through our dynamic outreach program.
The residency program of ARCAthens is designed to support each selected fellow resident for a duration of three months in Athens—covering housing, food, and transportation costs. The program is organized into three sessions per year: Spring, Summer, and Fall. For each session, four fellows (three artists and one curator) will be selected to participate. At the end of each annual cycle, a total of twelve fellows will have completed our residency program.

Hailuoto Residency (Kulttuuritalo Päiväkoti) (Finland)
Hailuoto Residency (Kulttuuritalo Päiväkoti)

Hailuoto residency is situated in beautiful Hailuoto island in the Gulf of Bothnia, Northern Finland. Hailuoto is designated one of the national landscape of Finland as the island is characterised by traditional red buildings and unique nature with sandy dunes and pine forests. Residency offers peaceful surroundings close to clean nature for working, inspiration and creating. Residency situates in the middle of the Hailuoto village. 
Hailuoto Residency is run by association that aims to offer work space for creative workers, runs residence and produces cultural events like festivals in rural and surprising settings.

Kulturscio’k /Kulturfactory residential program (Spain)
Kulturscio’k /Kulturfactory residential program

kulturscio\'k is a live art group of people dedicated to create produce curate new live art forms in order to allow new dialogues in the arts . our mission is to imagine new forms either in ur productions then in other artists ones . we have been produced in different international venues and we are based in italy and france where our work has mostly been shown . our last works are J\'ai brûlé dasn tes yeux . Je brûle, inspired by the fil Paris, texas , and Medea\'s visions , actually in residency in the menagerie de verre paris.

Faringe-Ekeby11 (Sweden)

Offers national and international cultural workers a stay and working opportunity in rural areas. A place where you can find inspiration. A quiet place in the middle of the Upplands forests.  The residence is artist-driven and without financial grants. Culture workers may therefore apply for a scholarship/financial contribution for travel and accommodation from other actors. 

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