October 2018

In-situ | Hong Kong Artist Residency (Hong Kong)
In-situ | Hong Kong Artist Residency

In-situ is Latin for “in place”. We are a multidisciplinary artist residency for creatives who want to explore Hong Kong and its culture “in place”. We are less focused on final outcomes, and instead, encourage rigorous experimentation and exploration to develop new ways of thinking or making. We also don’t ask for detailed proposals or project schedules during the application process because we believe projects and ideas should be informed by spending time here. This is why longer residency periods of two to three months are encouraged. 

La Becque | Artist Residency - Résidence d´artistes (Switzerland)
La Becque | Artist Residency - Résidence d´artistes

La Becque artist residency was developed under the auspices of the Fondation Françoise Siegfried-Meier. A violinist of renown born in 1914, Françoise Siegfried-Meier showed an unswerving commitment to the artists of her time. Generous and passionate, she expressed a wish to durably support a number of public organizations and institutions, particularly in the field of the arts, by creating a foundation bearing her name. Françoise Siegfried-Meier wish for her family’s domain in La Tour-de-Peilz to become a haven of creativity and exchange is now realized through La Becque, a residency infrastructure that is a natural fit for this unique and stunningly beautiful site.

CourCommune (France)

The goal of CourCommune is to bring a certain poetry of the ordinary into contemporary art.  The expression, Genius Loci, is a constant since the Roman era, used by both architects and poets. The meeting of a geographical location, an historical context and other distinctive elements make a place that, according to Christian Norberg-Schulz, "...gives men their existential attachment."
The creative process can rely on the exploration of spaces and landscapes, the contemplation and life rhythmed by time, seasons and climate as contemporary realities. Exchanges between inhabitants and the consciousness of physical and historical contexts of a place are at the core of our reflection on the roles of art and artists in rural territory.  We wish to make CourCommune an environment for retreat, encounters and experiences, a space to create supported by a space in which to live.

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