September 2016

La Casa del Herrero (LCDH) (Spain)
La Casa del Herrero (LCDH)

La Casa del Herrero (LCDH), a former ironman´s workshop, is now home to a small ethnographic museum, an LGBT library, an artistic residence, and an emerging cultural hub amidst vineyards and reddish plateaux. LCDH supports demographic cohesion through artistic practices and fosters initiatives that bring avantgarde languages closer to new audiences.

CENTRE POMPADOUR - neofeminist laboratory (France)
CENTRE POMPADOUR - neofeminist laboratory

CENTRE POMPADOUR, the laboratory of neo-feminism, welcomes like-minded creative professionals from all over the world to work on projects that place gender equality and feminist empowerment at the heart of the creative process and outreach. it offers accommodation and private work space for a determined period of time. To qualify for the creatives-in-residency program you have to be a creative professional or an undergraduate or graduate art student or do research in the fields of feminism or gender studies.

Amplify Studio / Amplify AIR (South Africa)
Amplify Studio / Amplify AIR

Amplify Studio’s AIR strives to cultivate a culturally rich environment that supports, mentors and incubates creative and intellectual growth for established and emerging photographers, providing the time, space, facilities and technical support for artists to work without distraction or interruption. This process-orientated residency offers conditions conducive to creativity where innovation and individuality are accepted, nurtured and celebrated.

Little Poems Community (China)
Little Poems Community

Little Poems Community is composed of 9 live / work studios, a reading room, a dining room, a kitchen, a Chinese tea room, a Korean tatami sujo room, a yoga/meditation room, WIFI, a communal courtyad, and a communal bathroom (3 showers and 3 WC). Artists are welcome to rent one of the studios for a relaxing and productive stay away from a busy city life.

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