September 2017

Fundacion Tajamar (Chile)
Fundacion Tajamar

Fundacion Tajamar is a non-profit organization established in December 2012, was created after our project of contemporary art exhibition in the public space, Galeria Tajamar. Our mission is to develop and manage projects related to contemporary art that generates cultural contribution, supporting the promotion of artists intergenerationally with a relevant speech and unique vision. At the same time we work to bring art closer to the community, preserving and promoting projects of independent management and searching for the participation of new audiences. For this we have the following projects: Galeria Tajamar, Tajamar Education Program, Tajamar Scholarship.

Tomaz Hipólito Studio (Portugal)
Tomaz Hipólito Studio

The Artistic Lodging hosted by Tomaz Hipólito Studio is located in a rebuilt warehouse occupied by the artist Tomaz Hipólito and an architecture studio, in a growing area with many contemporary art galleries and artist’s studios. The Artistic Lodging aims to welcome artists and introduce them to the Lisbon art scene with the feeling of a shared studio where artists can collaborate, share ideas and develop their work and research. Here, the dialogue and the experimentation are encouraged and projects related to the studio and its surroundings are welcome.

CasaDuna - centro de arte, pesquisa e memória de Atafona (Brazil)
CasaDuna - centro de arte, pesquisa e memória de Atafona

CasaDuna - Centro de Arte, Pesquisa e Memória de Atafona is an artistic residency and cultural center that temporarily is based on Atafona beach, municipality of São João da Barra, north coast of Rio de Janeiro. The city is undergoing an intense process of maritime erosion. This process has been intensified since the 70´s. The geological movement that exists here is a natural phenomenon of silting. It is, however, getting stronger by human action in the river that crosses the states of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Minas Gerais.

Savukeidas Publishing residencies (Estonia)
Savukeidas Publishing residencies

Savukeidas Publishing, operating in Turku, Finland and Tallinn, Estonia, announces two residencies for international applications. Both are situated in small beautiful towns in rural Estonia. Villa Werner is a writing residency in Haapsalu, situated in a wooden house at the old town of idyllic Haapsalu, is renovated studio apartment which, apart from beautiful landscape, offers fast connections to Tallinn. Villa Anniina is a 3-room old-fashioned Estonian style writing residency in Viljandi, beautiful wooden city at the middle of Estonia. Writer can be also accompanied with own´s family. Both are meant for writers, translators, reviewers, culture journalists and copy editors for finalizing major works or articles.

Palazzo Stabile (Italy)
Palazzo Stabile

Palazzo Stabile is an old winery turned international art residency in the beautiful Italian countryside. We are providing a space for artists who wishes to immerse themselves in their work in a silent and peaceful environment. In addition to our large multi use work spaces, we have a professional sound studio and large outdoor areas well suited for working or relaxing. 2 times a year we have an open call for 3 residency stays, one in music one in writing and one in fine art. All are 100% grants which include food, board and the use of our studios. We also provide 50% grants year round to young artists who wish to stay for more than one week.

Manzanillo Art Residency (United States)
Manzanillo Art Residency

Located Oceanside in Manzanillo, Colima Mexico. We are encouraging and e posing artist to the culture of Mexico, breaking barriers via Art. We offer 2 sessions in 2018: Jan 15-29 or May 1-15. Applications are open, admin fee of $35 to apply. All meals are included, beautiful open air seaside palapa´s.

36 Chase Residencysidency (United States)
36 Chase Residency

The residency program welcomes individual applications from visual artists, curators, and art historians. It is primarily designed for 3-4 visual artists and 1-2 art historians at the masters to Ph.D. level. It is ideal for visual arts candidates who are recent MFA graduate students. Art historians who are conducting research and criticism specifically addressing the many overlooked contributions of female artists, artists of color and artists from the LGBTQ communities are strongly encouraged to apply.

WARIA Artbreak AIR (Finland)
WARIA Artbreak AIR

WARIA Artbreak AIR, an artist run activity, is located in the North of Finland offering basecamp for foreign visual artists and curators. We are providing opportunities and networks for art professionals in order to have dialogue, exchange of ideas and new co-operation together with art professionals in the North. WARIA Artbreak AIR is offering two residency programs for creators: Y-AIR and EXPLORING THE NORTH.

Freehold Taos (USA)
Freehold Taos

Freehold Taos is an international cultural center that seeks to provide a serene workspace (a two-room adobe casita with a bedroom, office, full bath and a kitchenette) and quiet, uninterrupted time for writers to practice their craft. Selective year-round residencies are open to writers, curators, artists and academics. The center is interested in writers working in all genres, curators and academics in all fields and artists working in small format, text-based work or plein air painting.

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