September 2017

Fundacion Tajamar (Chile)
Fundacion Tajamar

Fundacion Tajamar is a non-profit organization established in December 2012, was created after our project of contemporary art exhibition in the public space, Galeria Tajamar. Our mission is to develop and manage projects related to contemporary art that generates cultural contribution, supporting the promotion of artists intergenerationally with a relevant speech and unique vision. At the same time we work to bring art closer to the community, preserving and promoting projects of independent management and searching for the participation of new audiences. For this we have the following projects: Galeria Tajamar, Tajamar Education Program, Tajamar Scholarship.

Tomaz Hipólito Studio (Portugal)
Tomaz Hipólito Studio

The Artistic Lodging hosted by Tomaz Hipólito Studio is located in a rebuilt warehouse occupied by the artist Tomaz Hipólito and an architecture studio, in a growing area with many contemporary art galleries and artist’s studios. The Artistic Lodging aims to welcome artists and introduce them to the Lisbon art scene with the feeling of a shared studio where artists can collaborate, share ideas and develop their work and research. Here, the dialogue and the experimentation are encouraged and projects related to the studio and its surroundings are welcome.

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