I Am the Artist Not the Painter retniaP eht mA I tsitrA eht toN mA I

Opening: Saturday March 3 at 5 PM Duration: March 3 till April 7, 2018.

我是艺术家,不是画家 家画是我,家术艺是不我

I Am the Artist Not the Painter  retniaP eht mA I tsitrA eht toN mA I


Bruno Bussmann  

开馆:周二至周六 13.00至17.30
电话:+86(0) 13695046247 / +86(0) 592 2180850

Opening: Saturday March 3 at 5 PM
Duration: March 3 till April 7, 2018
Open: Tuesday to Saturday 13.00 – 17.30
Venue: Chinese European Art Center, 3rd Floor, Siming South Road 400, Xiamen
Tel/Fax: +86(0) 592 2180850
Mobile: +86(0) 13695046247

info@ceac99.com / www.ceac99.org 

我对做事的方式感到着迷。我使用图像的不同层次和画面,不同表达方式之间的联系以及某种感觉的视觉化,一种心态或者一种思维过程。它们源于生命过程中的人生观。 对未曾想到的事情的视觉化,诗歌中视觉化的局限性,或是源于思考中任何层面的所谓规则和法律。保持幻想和想象力的练习(1200张油画和蚀刻版画)。






I am fascinated by the ways of doing things. I'm using  different levels and views of the image, different connections of expressions and visualisation of a feeling, a mentality or a process of thoughts. They are coming out of a view on life through the living process. - Visualisation of unthought things, the limitation of visualisation put into poetry or out of reflections of so called rules and laws on any level.  Exercises to preserve the fantasy and imagination (1200 oil drawings and etchings).

Mentality : form follows substance and content and not vice versa.

My language is visual and German. I just can try to give you some words. Your brain will make out of it  what it can and wants.

I discovered early in the 70ties: contents are coming out of my way of living and then the form meets me: I meet the form. I never construct it.

So look,  don't lock  

-  Otherwise it`s blocked.                             

Bruno Bussmann 

1965-1968  就读于卢塞恩艺术系
1968-1969  就读于伦敦中央圣马丁艺术与设计学院
1969-1975  就职于荷兰哈勒姆63 (70-73)工作室,后前往阿姆斯特丹。
1969-1984  摄影作品 超级序列,物质化(柏油/沥青和蜂蜡),非图像,视觉图片的界线和局限性
1975-2008  UNILU 任卢塞恩大学艺术系教授(绘画方向),以绘画和蚀刻版画为媒介,自主研发领域:如何找到一个图像/一张图片(图片搜索)
1980至今    回归大幅绘画




阿姆斯特丹:In out中心,Fignal,画廊A,de appel艺术中心

雷克雅未克:The corridor 空间

悉尼:Inhibodress 空间

纽约:Marina Urbach 空间,艺术家空间


厦门:C.E.A.C. (中国欧洲艺术中心)

           及其他 - 不同的藏品


经典、流行和平凡艺术中 “图像”准则的学习/研究



Bruno Bussmann

1943, Switzerland
1965-1968: Art departement Lucerne
1968-1969: St. Martins school of art, London
1969-1975: Holland, Ateliers 63 (70-73), Haarlem/ then Amsterdam
1969-1984: Fotoworks, super8sequencies, materialisations (asphalt/bitumen and beewax) the 'non-image' and the bounderies and limits of the visual picture
1975-2008: Professor at the Art Departement UNILU (University of Lucerne )  drawingaspects, painting, etching as a method, own special invented field : how to find a image/ a picture (Bildfindung)
1980- Now: back to big size painting

Currently living and working in an Atelierhaus in Sempach, Switzerland


London: St martins
Amsterdam: In out Center, Fignal, Gallery A, de appel (in out)
Reykjavik: The corridor                 
Sidney: Inhibodress
New York: Marina Urbach, artists space
Lucerne: Partikel, Prosart, Hannelore Lötscher, Chäslager, Opes, Tuttiart, K25
Xiamen: C.E.A.C. (Chinese European Art Center )
               and others - different collections

Studies /investigations of the principals of 'the image' in classic, popular and trivial art
Residencies: Greece, Iceland, New York, Cuba