2018 A4 Artist Residency International Exchange (ARIE) Program candidate list

We are pleased to announce that 30 applicants will enter the final election stage!

Candidate List

2018 A4 Artist Residency International Exchange (ARIE) Program 

Since 25 Feb, 2018 A4 ARIE program had received more than 300 applications from 31 countries. After the earnest discussion and screening by the project team, we are pleased to announce that 30 applicants will enter the final election stage. 

We will choose 6-8 (or group)artist/curator/researcher from this candidate list to respectively participate the residency program in three different institutions located in Chengdu, Bangkok, Kyoto for communication, discussion and creation from April 2018—October 2018. 

Please continued support and attend the follow-up information. We will publish the final list in the end of March!!!

Candidate list:
ADHD (representative: Young Eun Kim)(韩国/South Korea)
Anna Jankowska (波兰/Poland)
Camille Lavaud (法国/French)
邓悦君 Deng Yuejun (杭州/Hangzhou)
Fellipe Vergani (巴西/Brazil)
Irena Paskali (马其顿王国/ Macedonia)
梁半 Liang Ban (北京/Beijing)
刘博大 Liu Boda (北京/ Beijing)
李俊 Li Jun (成都/Chengdu)
卢杉 Lu Shan (北京/ Beijing)
Justin Tyler Tate (加拿大/Canada)
King-Man LAU (香港/Hong Kong)
马海蛟 Ma Haijiao (北京/Beijing)
Marta Scanu (意大利/Italy)
Matteo Biella (意大利/Italy)
Min Kim Park (美国/USA)
Mo Sirra (西班牙/Spain)
马占冬 Ma Zhandong(成都/Chengdu)
Raquel Algaba López (西班牙/Spain)
任倢 Ren Jie (上海/Shanghai)
石真 Shi Zhen (巴黎/Paris)
Vojtech Mica (捷克/Czech)
王子月 Wang Ziyue(杭州/Hangzhou)
吴俊勇 Wu Junyong (杭州/Hangzhou)
Yasen Vasilev (保加利亚/Bulgaria)
易鸿 Yi Hong (成都/Chengdu)
Youngjae Lih (瑞典/Sweden)
Zeinab Shahidi Marnani (德黑兰/纽约Tehran/New York)
赵谦 Zhao Qian (美国/USA)
郑之孩 Zheng Zhihai (成都/Chengdu)

Detailed introduction:

1. ADHD (representative: Young Eun Kim)
South Korea, Multidisciplinary Art: architecture, new media, crafts

ADHD is an artist collective which consists of members from different artistic backgrounds. ADHD aims multi-sensory experience for audience and performs experiments crossing over various areas such as architecture, new media, music, arts & crafts.

2. Anna Jankowska
Poland, Visual Art: textile & clothes design, research-based art

Anna Jankowska is an artist but also a scholar in the field of the Cultural Studies. She design and experiment with textiles, conceptual fashion and cloth-forms. She aims to merge art practice with academic research’s subject and methodology. The core of her creative activities is participatory design and interactions-based public art. She like interacting with the local people, getting to know the cultural and social environment of places she practice art at.

3. Camille Lavaud
1988, French, Sculpture, photography

Camille Lavaud interested in architecture and literature. She always search and try to understand what kind of look people and she, can gets on their own environment, whether public or private. She is making sculptures through loss and residue, as an attempt to remember. Her sculptures carries the outlines of the landscapes, the architecture, the frame of the window of her studio, construction materials, and quotidian…

4. 邓悦君 Deng Yuejun
1986, Hangzhou, Mechanical installation, water-ink animation, new media art, sound art

Deng Yuejun gets his bachelor degree from the New Media Department at The China Academy of Art, his master degree from School of Intermedia Art at The China Academy of Art. From 2011 to 2012, he participated in the art and media program at Zürich University of the Arts. His works are collected by art institutions and private collectors. He follows three research directions, energy transference, dimensional space, and mechanical movement. His current working media include mechanical installation, Chinese ink painting animation and sound installation.

5. Fellipe Vergani
1987, Brazil, Visual art, performance, film maker

FELL is a nomad artist. Working out of the comfort zone, he travels and experiments with varied and different media, being interested in contemporary politics, art itself, and the constant changes of society. His work has been exhibited in public spaces, non commercial galleries, abandoned factories, cultural centers and in other spaces focused on art and ethical causes.

6. Irena Paskali
1968, Macedonia, Photography, video, experimental film, drawing

Irena Paskali is an artist who works with the new media, video, photography, installation as well as experimental photography, experimental film, documentary film, holography and drawings. Her videos are inspired by different themes. The human being is mostly at the center of her work. She is interested in the frictions between cultures, religions, questions of identity and alienation, human life in an urban environment.

7. 梁半 Liang Ban 
1986, Beijing, Video, photography, painting

Liang Ban graduated from Guangxi Art Institute. Liang Ban currently lives and works in Beijing, China. Liang Ban works across video, installation, photography and painting. He has participated in numerous domestic and international exhibitions. Liang's art practice can be described as if he was a tomb raider: he excavates the essence of the subcultures, generic imageries, fictional legends and other information which he pulls from a universal consciousness. He uses this information to connect with a personal and/or socio-political tragedy, which results in poetic and dramatic creations. Liang's concise art approach imbues his artworks with undeniable creativity and imagination that openly invites viewers to face the often-challenging issues found in his artwork.

8. 刘博大 Liu Boda
1988, Beijing, Urban Intervention, site-specific, installation, image & video

Boda Liu graduated with a master’s degree from the Department of Printmaking at the China Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2015. He now lives and works in Beijing. With his works mostly concentrating on social participation and spatial relationship, the artist excels in presenting arts as simulations in contexts of various scales by transforming everyday experiences. His works include performance, installations, audios and videos, and are now housed in institutions such as Credit Suisse, Wuhan Art Museum, and Sichuan Fine Arts Institute.

9. 李俊 Li Jun
1977, Chengdu, Photography

Jun LI graduated from News Specialty of Chongqing Normal University in 2000, and Photography & Digital Media Studio of China Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2006. Now, he is working and living in Chengdu and he use photography as an expression medium

10. 卢杉 Lu Shan
1990, Beijing, video art, new media art, animation, photography

Lu Shan collects all sorts of image resources from the network as a web sojourner, who reconstructs web-found-objects to create a fantasy consisting of reality and virual world by making animations and photographs. Based on Chinese traditional monism, his works are hybrids, composed of different cultures and religions, which relate to the contemporary social cultures and science concepts. Hes trying to explore a personal world-view that mixes human history and science while retaining the fun and deconstruction of the Internet culture.


11. Justin Tyler Tate

1984, Canada, Installation, events, artistic research

Justin Tyler Tate was born in Canada, grew up in the United States and now works internationally. Receiving his Bachelor of Fine Arts from NSCAD University and a Master of Fine Arts from Helsinki Academy of Fine Arts, his work combines elements of sculpture, installation, media, performance as well as social art, while being primarily concerned with ideas of space, function, interactivity and environment. In combining traditional methods of making, do-it-yourself approaches, research, experimentation as well as explorations of pedagogy, Tate is able to alter how space is perceived, interpreted and experienced.

12. King-Man Lau
Hong Kong, Installation art, illustration, performance

King-Man LAU is a multidisciplinary designer and artist with a strong passion for experimental art and critical designs. He is interested in stimulating discourses and conversation through objects, interaction and innovative creations. His principle highlight ‘connection’, ‘life’ and ‘empowerment’ to re-consider our presence and relationship with the surrounding contexts and matters.

13. 马海蛟Ma Haijiao
1990, Beijing, Video art, photography

Ma Haijiao studied from 2009 to 2016 at the China Academy of Art, where he gained a BA and then an MFA. He now lives and works in Beijing. His art practice has an enduring concern with the daily “routine” of life, and taking this as his starting point, he traces its logic to shape video narratives and other works.

14. Marta Scanu
Italy, Visual art, sculpture, drawing

Marta Scanu is deeply interested in the concept of fragility, innocence and victim. He is currently investigating the issue through ceramics sculpture, its break and the fragment. He studies many philosophical and religious texts, also Chinese ones, about this themes. He wants to develop them in art and he want to relate to artists and institutions abroad to expand his knowledge.

15. Matteo Biella
1988, Italy, Architecture, crafts, design

As a visionary artist/architect that defies conventional thinking, interested in experimenting with latest technologies (CNC milling, laser-cut, parametric design). He is recently researching how to extract the intrinsic beauty of materials and to make functional and sculptural objects. He turns architecture researches into artistic projects to foster debates on sensible topics.

16. Min Kim Park
USA, Photography and Video

Min Kim Park is an interdisciplinary artist, exploring issues surrounding gender, ethnicity and identity using video, photography, sound and video installation. A running thread in most of her work is exploration of gendered body, especially the representation and reception of the female body. Aware of the historical trajectory and cultural symbolism of the female body in Westernart and cultural discourse, she manipulates depictions and perceptions of the female body as a way of destabilizing traditional forms of viewing and understanding.

17. Mo Sirra
Spain, Intervention, installation art, drawing, sculpture, photography, video and performance

From the beginning of his career he adopted a way of working that tends to reject conclusions in preference to investigation and experimentation process. His research has been deeply influenced by the specificity of the sites where he works: the architectures that house them, the society, culture and politics that constitute them. He produces a complex and diverse body of work that includes as "a sort of discursive argument".

18. 马占冬 Ma Zhandong
Chengdu, film maker and producer

MA Zhandong is an independent documentary film maker and producer. He began shooting documentary films in 2001 and established the studio “Tu Mou” (Place-Seeker), dedicated to the production of documentary films. His fulllength documentary “One Day in May” about the 2008 Earthquake in Sichuan won the 2011 Hong Kong Chinese Documentary Film Festival award for Best Documentary. His documentary film “Sea Stone Bay” won the 12th China Independent Film Festival Documentary Competition Award in the category “Humanitarian Film”.

19. Raquel Algaba López
1992, Spain, Installation, site-specific, mixed media sculpture, drawing.

I try to think about things as a whole so as not to deprive them of their complexity: to make things coexist instead of separating. My work is on the dividing line between the beautiful and the sinister, between what we dare to look at and what we do not. I believe my line of plastic research focuses on the fragility of the body shown through a complex mental space that is beyond our control. I build small specific sets where sculpture and drawing are the means to know the indescribable.

20. Raquel Algaba López
1992, Spain, Installation, site-specific, mixed media sculpture, drawing.

I try to think about things as a whole so as not to deprive them of their complexity: to make things coexist instead of separating. My work is on the dividing line between the beautiful and the sinister, between what we dare to look at and what we do not. I believe my line of plastic research focuses on the fragility of the body shown through a complex mental space that is beyond our control. I build small specific sets where sculpture and drawing are the means to know the indescribable.

21. 石真 Shi Zhen
1989, Paris, Photography, visual art, artist’s book

Originally from China, currently based in Paris, Zhen SHI is a visual artist, has produced a diverse body of work comprising of photographs, artists books and multimedia. Zhens work is mainly derived from the intricate relationship between realities and memories. She presents with her personal experience, with her seeing from inside to outside, which probably enable her to balance the memory and the reality among the existence of time. However, timeexists and disappears in a soundless way. Its real existence in and illusory demise from her life is so much like a lie that its hard to tell the true from the false. If the present moment is passing, the past and the future can be defined as a kind of memory or up-coming memory for the wanderer of time being. Only the existence, the reflection of reality as representation, is still.

22. Vojtech Mica
1966, Czech, Sculpture

I am an author of visually ambivalent objects – sometimes, it is an sculpture, another time, it may be a conceptual installation. My work consists of parallel, seemingly disparate lines, which collide one with another and complement each other. I use ordinary materials, not special in any way, clearly categorized from our everyday point of view.

23. 王子月 Wang Ziyue
1988, Hangzhou, Installation, video, theatre

Wang Ziyue, graduated from China Academy of Art as Master at 2015. Since 2011, I started to create work based on the social issue. While during 2012-2015,I  have been planning and creating “Art Project at the site of Zhuangtang Dismantling Area”in Hangzhou, China. And for the forms of my Art Work are mainly lies in Video and Installation.  He is familiar in the field of Experimental Theater, the Exhibition of “Experimental Theater 30 years”(2015, Shanghai) ,when he was curator in Shanghai Ming Yuan Contemporary Art Museum. In 2017, he founded the Capsule Mall experimental theater in Shanghai.

24. 吴俊勇 Wu Junyong
1978, Hangzhou, Animation, drawing, tattoo

Wu Junyong graduated from The China Academy of Art were he studied in both the Prinmaking and New Media departments. He now lives and works in Hangzhou. His predominant medium is paintings done on paper and animated films, though in recent years he has become infatuated with doing graffiti on the body and impromptu tattoos.

25. Yasen Vasilev
1988,Bulgaria, Performance, writing, theatre

Yasen Vasilev is a Bulgarian-born poet-playwright. Author of two poetry collections, numerous spoken word shows and five plays. He’s one of the writers of the critical panel of Aerowaves, the European Network of Contemporary Dance since 2017.

26. 易鸿 Yi Hong
Chengdu, Art critic, independent curator

Art critic and independent curator. Mainly engaged in art writing currently. Cooperated with several art media and art institutions in art experiment projects.Participated in the curatorial and academic symposium of national and international arts festivals.Carried out an art research project in personal image field(chengdu contemporary observation) and published relevant articles.Makes a variety of works including painting and photography.Graduated from Chengdu University and Renmin University of China,majored in business management and business administration. Economic manager.Curator of A01 space.Art director and chief  commentator of AXD space art magazine.

27. Youngjae Lih 李荣宰
1984, Sweden, Installation, photograph

Youngjae Lih raised in Seoul. Previously, he studied and worked as an electronic engineer in the semiconductor industry. Whilst working, he kept exploring different fields and decided to finally turn his passion for art into a profession in 2010. Focusing on the nature of existing objects and the interactions between them, he is interested in the syntax and formation of new narrative strands. In this sense, the majority of his works developed in different mediums share an obvious grammatical and linguistic structure.

28. Zeinab Shahidi Marnani
1983, Tehran/New York, Visual arts, video installation, sculpture

Zeinab Shahidi Marnanilives and works in Tehran and New York. She holds a MFA in sculpture from Yale School of Art. In 2015, she was a 2016 Inga MarenOtto Fellowship recipient at Watermill artist residency in NY. She was also an artist-­in-­residence at The International Studio and Curatorial Program (ISCP) in New York.

29. 赵谦 Zhao qian
1990, San Francisco, Visual art

Zhao Qian is a visual artist living in San Francisco and China. His series "Offcut, the edge" has exhibited in 001 Gallery (Rome, Italy), Reminders Photography Stronghold Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)

and Lianzhou Photo Festival (Lianzhou, China). In 2017 his first monograph "Offcut, the edge" got published by Jiazazhi Press.

30. 郑之孩 Zheng Zhihai
1985, Chengdu, Performance art, installation, codes image

She graduated from the oil painting department of Sichuan University. 

2018 A4 Artist Residency International Exchange (ARIE) Program candidate list