Open Call for ROOTS Exhibition

Are you Portuguese or Portugal-based? Enter RAIZVANGUARDA´s exhibition ´ROOTS´ and win a residency!

What are roots? What do they look like? What are roots to you? What are roots to your mother? What are roots to the artist? What are roots today? Is it people or is it land? Is it history? Is it visual? Musical? Is it something that grows deep in the soil? Is it something that holds us together? Is it edible? What would it taste like? Is it something that grows in every one of us? Does it even grow? Is it sexual? Is it a body? Does it have a gender? Is it a movement? Is it heavy? Is it your body? Is it knowledge? What does it need to stay alive? Does it support or restrain you?

The purpose of this exhibition is not to answer the questions, but to ask and encourage reflection through a visual approach. This exhibition aims to explore the meaning of roots – what does it mean to every individual artist and to celebrate different discoveries. The theme of Roots is favorable because of its flexible, abstract nature, it can easily transform to other sub-themes while different media can be used to express the idea behind it. Roots as an idea have many symbolic meanings in literature and art, it is a primal, abstract, poetic object holding a variety of possibilities to unfold its messages. That’s why it appears on our table today as a central topic for this group exhibition. This topic lets us talk about what is essential today and what is relevant for us personally as individuals; it unites and separates at the same time.  

RAIZVANGUARDA (RV) is a cultural organization located in the village Bordeiro in Central Portugal. The organization has an Artist In Residency programme where many artists come from abroad to enjoy the tranquility surrounding the village and to connect with the beautiful nature and the kind, inclusive community. RV aims to promote art and cultural events in rural Portugal through its activities and projects.

Exhibition Call For Artists:
RV welcomes visual artists with a Portuguese background to participate in the Visual Art Exhibition“ROOTS”, with the chance to win an artistic residency in the organization during the summer of 2018. The aim of the exhibition is to allow Portuguese or Portugal-based artists to explore and express what the concept of Roots mean to them. Artists are expected to have some form of connection with Portugal, to be either Portuguese or Portugal-based, which is the only requirement. 

The purpose of the exhibition is to make connections with local artists with an aspiration for future collaborative projects and to offer a free residency period to one artist who would be interested in cooperating with RAIZVANGUARDA. Through the residency period, the selected artist will have space and time to develop their own individual project in a calm, tranquil environment during the summer of 2018. (The residency includes studio space, accommodation, online promotion, opportunity to make a personal exhibition at RV. It does not include transportation, food or materials)

RAIZVANGUARDA is inviting creative people from all around Portugal to join us at the group exhibition, “ROOTS” which will take place between 23-27th of May 2018 in the gallery space of Aqui Base Tango in Coimbra, Portugal. 

Applicant Criteria:
All artists who are Portuguese or Portugal-based can apply. Selection is open to visual artists (painting, graphics, sculpture, photography, etc..), video and performing artists. Open to amateur and professional artists. There is no age limit for applicants.

Exhibition Theme:
‘ROOTS’ – what does the concept of ‘ROOTS’ mean to you as an artist?

Application Process:
Artists need to complete the attached application form. Each artist can submit ONE piece  (Diptychs, triptychs, series, and video are permitted). Artists can apply with artworks that have already been created, but answers to the general theme of the exhibition. See application for more details. 

Submission Entry free:
There is no submission entry fee for applicants

What costs do I need to cover?
We are able to offer €15 per artist as a contribution towards transportation expenses of their work or travel. Remaining expenses to be covered by artists. 

Deadline for the application:
Monday 23rd April 2018 at 23.59

Notice of acceptance: Thursday 26th April, by email

  • One participant artist, chosen by a jury, will win a 3-week residency at RAIZVANGUARDA.
  • The residency period will take place in the summer of 2018, further details will be arranged with the selected artist.
  • The artist who receives the residency period at RV will be announced at the opening reception on May 27th. 

If you have any questions, you can contact us on our email: raizvanguarda.exibicao@gmail.com
nd if you want to stay updated, follow RAIZVANGUARDA on facebook.