2018 A4国际艺术家驻留项目:Dieter Deztner工作坊-“巧合与必然” 2018 A4 Artist in Residence International Exchange Program: Dieter Deztner’s workshop-"Coincidence and Necessity"

5月19日,德国艺术家Dieter Deztner在美术馆开设了工作坊——“巧合与必然”。

5月19日,德国艺术家Dieter Deztner在美术馆开设了工作坊——“巧合与必然”。从雕塑、摄影到装置,从“宇宙大爆炸”到空间变化,Dieter的作品总是在空间中讨论空间,在塑造、切割、旋转、燃烧、熔化中创造新的艺术维度。

On May 19th, the German artist Dieter Deztner opened a workshop-“Coincidence and Necessity” in the luxelakes·A4 Museum. From sculpture, photography to installation, or from the “Big Bang” to space change, Dieter's works always discuss space in the space and create a new artistic dimension in shaping, cutting, rotating, burning, and melting.


In this workshop, the artist experimented with the art of fire on paper. Through using simpler materials and methods, the audience will perceive the creative process of artist’s works and also understand the “inevitability” which is contained in the “coincidence of art”.