Intense Summer Course: EUTOPIAS II_Social Dreams & Nightmares

EUTOPIAS II. Intensive Summer Course. Contemporary Art and Utopia: Social Dreams and Nightmares.

EUTOPIAS Summer Course is a yearly seminar on contemporary art and utopia, hosted in the beautiful country house of Nectar. In its second edition, EUTOPIAS departs from the idea of the existence of certain utopian prototypes, such as the ideal city, the commune, or the generous garden where nature flourishes in an eternal spring. Throughout its sessions, this year’s programme will examine contemporary interpretations of these mythical spaces through the work of contemporary artists. Other topics, such as speculative fictions, feminist cosmologies or alternative institutions, will also be explored from this point of view.
EUTOPIAS, however, is not only an academic experience: all sessions take place in the Nectar house in the middle of the natural park of Les Guilleries. Living together, participants will experience a utopian lifestyle while reflecting on artistic interpretations of the good life. Theoretical sessions will be complemented by practical workshops, conducted by Spanish architect Uriel Fogue, French artist Lise Lerichomme, cultural manager Olga Sureda and Israeli artist Tai Lomas.

Course directed by Julia Ramirez Blanco


With a PhD in art history, Julia Ramírez Blanco is an art historian and critic, as well as a teacher at Barcelona University. An expert in the relationship between art and utopia – to which she devoted her doctoral thesis – she is the author of the bookArtistic Utopias of Revolt (Palgrave, New York and London, 2018; Cátedra, Madrid, 2014), and the editor of the monographic issue of REGAC Journal dedicated to NON-TEXTUAL UTOPIAS. Her texts have appeared in English, French, Italian and Spanish within various co-authored books and in journals such as Third TextArquitectura Viva,QuintanaLarsBoletín de ArteEl MundoAbc Cultural and The Nation Journal. She has conducted her research at various institutions in Europe and the United States (Ecole du Louvre Paris, New York University, LAUA Nantes, Reale Accademia di Spagna a Roma), and has been the recipient of various grants. She is a member of two R+D research projects regarding her double interest in contemporary art and utopia.

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