Kostka Gallery: Open Call 2019

MeetFactory announces an open call for the submission of projects to complement the Kostka Gallery 2

The call is addressed to Czech as well as international authors active in the fine arts, architecture, design, stage design and related disciplines.   

Kostka Gallery is characterized by its non-gallery typology and variable conditions influenced among other things also by weather change conditions. The Gallery premises, converted from what used to be the boiler room of a technical glass manufacturing works, are shaped as a Cube (Cube = Kostka in Czech). The space is neither heated in wintertime nor air conditioned in summertime, and it is not insulated against humidity.  
The Call is addressed (although not exclusively) to authors of projects who can, thematically or technically, make a good use of the specific conditions offered by the Gallery premises and who succeed to incorporate the variability and coincidences of the Gallery’s environment in the creative process.    

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Kostka Gallery: Open Call 2019


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