Musicians in Kintai Arts Residency explored the contemporary music theater

Young musicians explored the contemporary music theater with renown professors and an opera director

On June 8-14, in cooperation with Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre and its Contemporary Music study program, a residence for young performers took place in Kintai. This is a continuation of the previous-year workshop for composers and performers led by professor of the Maastricht Conservatory and associate professor of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre Vykintas Baltakas. In 2017, young composers and performers from the Netherlands, Greece, the United Kingdom and Lithuania were invited to Kintai. This year in June, the students of the Contemporary Music participated in the workshops: Simonas Kaupinis, Kristupas Gikas, Greta Garmasaitė, Kazimieras Jušinskas, Monika Kiknadzė, Kristupas Kmitas, Domantas Razmus, Deimantas Balys, Dominikas Besakirskas and Dominikas Norkūnas. They were led by Vykintas Baltakas and Liudas Mockūnas.

The topic of the residence was the contemporary music theater. Young performers worked with director Karina Novikova, improving both the overall perception of stage language and the specific works by the composers of the 20th-21st centuries. The following compositions were chosen for the workshops:

Georges Aperghis - "Rasch" (2006) for viola and saxophone

Simon Steen Andersen - "Difficulties Putting It Into Practice" (2007) for four performers

Georges Aperghis - "Retrouvailles" (2013) for five performers

Mauritius Kagel – "Pas de Cinq" (1965) for five performers

Dieter Schnebel - "Anfänge-alternativen" (1998-2001) for guitar, saxophone and percussion

Mauritius Kagel - "con voce" (1972) for three mute performers

Mauritio Kagel - "Rrrrrr" (1980/81) for organ solo

The participants of the residence held three concerts: on June 11 at the opening of the exhibition "Migrating Birds", on June 13 at the Great Kintai Church, and on June 15 at the "Culture Night" in Vilnius, along with the forthcoming performance of resident musicians at the opening ceremony of the MoMuseum in Vilnius on October 18.

Besides the concerts, the residents hosted an open New Music Forum at the Kintai Cultural Center each evening, where music and discussions took place.

In autumn 2018, in cooperation with the International Opera Academy, the Maastricht Conservatoire and the Maastricht Theater School, there are planned workshops of contemporary opera for composers, singers and actors.

Musicians in Kintai Arts Residency explored the contemporary music theater

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