2018 A4国际艺术家驻留项目: 如何制造一个“项目”, 空间、城市与人的协同效应 2018 A4 Artist in Residence International Exchange Program: How to make a “project”, Synergies of space, City and people

Lecture & Dialogue: Residency Curator Antonie Angerer, Curator Cai Liyuan, Scholar Li Zhenyu......



   Chinese art institutions can be broadly divided into art museum, galleries and art spaces. All of them have various operation models, such as public or specialized, for-profit or non-profit, public or private.In China, what kind of interaction has occurred between the new independent art institutions and the city, and what kind of internal connection has formed?

   On July 1st, Luxelakes·A4 Art Museum teamed up with five artists, curators and scholars who come from local and international art institutions in order to discuss the foundations, operational models and future prospects of independent art institutions.