2018 A4国际艺术家驻留项目: 对谈-《语言的纹理、沉默和翻转》2018 A4 Artist in Residence International Exchange Program: Talk-"The texture, silence and reversal of language"

Talk: Residency Artist Youngjae Lih & Scholar Zhang Yi; Exhibition: Of Crossed Paths




   Youngjae Lih has always been concerned about the covering machanism in human memory and cognition. In his piece in Chengdu, he places interesting points into this larger, ready-made system. Through their complexity and ordinariness, the artist uses these images to construct a history, a history of this city in individual’s eyes.

   Lih’s work in Chengdu contains two parts. Unseen I/II are seas of pictures produced by using the “glasses” made by himself. Of Crossed Paths Series records the traces of the communication in different cultures, the appropriation and juxtaposition of images from different cultures. The resulting absurdity, strangeness, or ordinariness became part of the urban landscape, impressions and memories of the city within the temporal dimension.

  In the opening of his exhibition in A4 Art Museum, we also invited professor Zhang Yi to have a talk with the artist, to discuss about the mechanism of human memory, the connections between different cultures, the passage of time, and urban space.