Intensive 4-day (optional 7-day) workshop for professional artists and designers in Athens/Greece.

4 – 7 October (+ optional: 8 –  10 October) 2018 or
6 – 9 January (+ optional 3 – 5 January) 2019

Deadline: 15 August 2018
Disciplines: Artists, designers, crafters, performers

The INKUBATOR workshop offers specialized knowledge artists need on how to spread their message, shape the market to welcome their work, secure their intellectual property, look for context and meaning is not taught at art schools. 
The Athens INKUBATOR 2018/2019 is the "baby" born out of our career expertise and reflections on success and failure. Inkubator -  German for incubator - means something you breed. It is not instant salvation.
The programme is called INKUBATOR, because it helps you transplant what you learn during the Athens seminars in your own venue back home to fit and "fertilize" your vision and ambitions.

Basic economics for the jewellery art market made very simple, contractual and intellectual property law and mass media understanding are essential parts of the INKUBATOR programme. Experts' secrets of enduring success and innovative synergies between art, design and science help participants realize the broad spectrum of design applications and the marathon they need to run in order to achieve their goals.
Story telling, drama and movement are sine qua non presentation tools for jewellery artists, designers and crafters, as well as a highly amusing and bonding part of the programme.
INKUBATOR is designed to inspire your imagination, feed your mind with solid facts that make sense to your profession, teach you how to produce your own show as an independent artist and make people aware of it. Both workshops - in October 2018 and January 2019 - are completed by a fast-track participants' work presentation in Athens.
Participants working in the jewellery art field also have the option to present their work - jewellery, object, fashion or performance - during Schmuckwoche München in March 2019.

Further information / contact:
-> Open Call - complete text
-> FaveLAB website

• workshop (4 days / 30 hours): 750,- €
• workshop + additional Athens programme (7 days / 50 hours): 1050,- €

On request (we offer a limited number of rooms for a reasonable extra fee)

Please include your vita, work examples (e.g. website, images, publications) and why you wnt to take part in the workshop. Send your email to: favelab.info@gmail.com 



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