Chinese European Art Center Exhibition Jin Jing and Liu Yuanyuan

The Lasting Future of Imagined Communities
Jin Jing & Liu Yuanyuan
double solo 

The Lasting Future

Succeeding artist Jin Jing’s in-depth query and exploration of the city space she lives in, The Lasting Future stretches further to the reflections on the “world” she is situated. Since this question can hardly be answered accurately, the artist changes her questions into limited visual segments with a combination of photographs, videos and installations so as to present a status. This status is inconspicuous, invisible and undetectable in a city space dominated by human beings: the artwork creates a world both similar to and different from our real world. The subtle and unbelievable changes in the details of this “world” defamiliarize this “world” macroscopically, creating a distance with the reality.

In the visual segments included in this exhibition, the videos present brief movements of low intensity while the photos are objective demonstrations of the common elements in some artificial landscape. From the perspective of the little details, the moving objects under control and the lifeless mechanical objects, the artist reflects the relationship between human activities and venues and presents the audience with a group of images which are disturbing, indescribable and bright. They offer a channel to obtain the information yet prove nothing. Through the invisible and non-visual objects they imply, the “world” is kept beyond them yet can hardly be talked about casually. The artist appears behind the images as a questioner. She does not need to explain it and the audience doesn’t need to understand it thoroughly. However, something is emerging around it without doubt.

 Part of the segments in the installation

“Whatever we see could be otherwise. Whatever we describe could be otherwise. God does not show himself inside the world.”

 -- Ludwig Wittgenstein 

Imagined Communities

The artwork exhibited this time is entitled Imagined Communities. Succeeding artist Liu Yuanyuan’s recent research outcome in the field of pure consciousness, this series carry out a performativity question on “language” and expand the possibility of morphology by questioning the constructive order of human imagination, especially from the relation between language and thinking. In artist’s opinion, language is not only a purly analytical and normative object, but also a medium being built by an ideological subjectivity. The “language” is imagined Communities, which make fiction into history.

The screenshots from video

In this exhibition, the artist presents the time variables of non-linear language with photographs and the meaningless movement of thinking by showing variable number sequence of nonlinear language with videos. The artist intents built up the “bottle language system”, so as to further portray the “bottle universe”: a reality conjured by the consciousness of existence. Getting rid of the reference of the construct order based on human imagination, the artist develops a non-linear language. Each non-linear language represents not only a single concept of signans, but also a series of designatum of referring events.

selected language catalog

This is the artist’s straight-forward declaration about the visionary reality she lives in, which completely clears away its relation with the real world.
“That world is made up by me, though it does not mean that is doesn't real exist.”
——Liu Yuanyuan