2018 A4国际艺术家驻留项目:失序中的秩序 2018 A4 Artist in Residence International Exchange Program: The Order within Disorder

Resident artist Matteo Biella did a workshop in IKEA, showing order and disorder of things.

Resident artist Matteo Biella named the workshop in IKEA as «The order within disorder». Participants will use waste materials from IKEA to make various lines, which are different in material and color. In constant combination and splicing, they are copied into a new look, and the order is arranged in a continuous paste(repeat the pasting action using double-side tape). Finally, the lines made by all participants will be made into a wholewhich maybe a picture or more complicated. The lines made by different people broke their own original order when they merged, and the rules were diversified. However, the process of the combination was also reorganized, and the order and disorder were alternated until balance.

驻留艺术家Matteo Biella给在宜家的工作坊取名为“失序中的秩序”,参与者将用来自宜家的废旧材料做出各种线条,这些线条材料各异、颜色不同,在不断的组合与拼接中,它们被复制成新的面貌,并在不断的粘贴中(用双面胶粘在底板上重复粘贴动作)秩序被排列出来。最后所有参与者的线条会被组成一个整体,可能是一幅画,可能更为复杂。不同人制作的线条在合并时打破了各自原有的秩序,规则多样化了,然而组合的过程秩序也在重组,秩序和失序交替上演,直到平衡。