2018 A4 in Residence International Exchange Program: Copy & Paste Architecture: Uniqueness Within 2018 A4国际艺术家驻留项目: 《存同求异》

Matteo Biella has concerned with the two sides of things.This idea runs through his work in Chengdu.

Matteo Biella has always concerned with the two sides of things, and always tries to find beauty in the ugliness of the public. This idea runs through his work in Chengdu. He reconstructed the two sides of urban architecture with geometric patterns and colors, and interpreted the new connotations of "Imperfection", "Creativity", "History", "Nature", and "Sublime".

This exhibition extends from the order and is divided into two parts: “same” and “different”, corresponding to the “cityscape” and “uniqueness” themes. The former is obvious, directly responding to the surface duplication of the “copy-and-paste” building, and at the same time, he also values the heavy details of “copy-and-paste”. The second part is completely concerned with the uniqueness of the building, which deviates from the original theme of the “copy-and-paste” building and turns to the uniqueness of building.

On the opening day of his exhibition at A4 Art Museum, we also invited architect Zhou Yonggang to hold a talk with our artist, to discuss about the function, memory and restoration of architecture, and the order and definition of beauty.

 Matteo Biella一直以来关注事物的两面性,并总是试图在大众眼中的丑里发现美,这个思路贯穿了他在成都的工作。他把城市建筑的两面性用几何图案和色彩进行重构,解读出“瑕疵”、“创新”、“历史”、“自然”、“奇观”的新内涵。