Satoshi Kawata: ReLocationDeMolition

A new exhibition featuring our residency artist Satoshi Kawata, is opening on Nov.18, 2018.

Residency artist Satoshi Kawata is going to unveil his mural paintings to the public on Nov. 18, rendering a feast of abstraction derived from images that he garnered from the streets and communities in Chengdu. Entitled ReLocationDeMelition, the exhibition will direct the audience's attention to how the new and the old commingle in a bourgeoning city in China.
The project took place in public spaces still under construction, such as an unfinished tunnel and part of the second floor of A4 Art Museum. Lines crawl all over the wall, merging with notes and traces left by builders for architectural and engineering purposes. Kawata collides with the space and tries to comprehend the material manifestations of the building's multilayered memories.
The walls on which Kawata carried out his mural paintings are to be covered up by a new surface at the end of the building’s construction. "What I'm getting at in regards to time is forgetting - it is important to be forgotten." The artist's new exhibition is an attempt to embrace the forces of our ever advancing life and the inevitability of forgetting.
On Nov.10, a workshop on mural painting will take place under Kawata's instruction at A4 Art Museum. Participants will have a closer look at how the artist conjures up his expressionist images with the traditional technique of fresco.  

Artistic Director: Sunny Sun
Curator: Cai Liyuan

Artist: Satoshi Kawata

Organizer: LUXELAKES·A4 Art Museum, Goethe-Institut China

Time: From November 18, 2018 to November 25, 2018

开幕:2018年11月18日(周日) 15:00
Opening: 15:00, November 18, 2018 (Sun.)

Venue: Workshop space and Triangle Stair of Second floor, LUXELAKES•A4 Art Museum 

Tel: 028-86761265