Upcoming Exhibitions & live music at Art See Ocean

Welcome! Upcoming workshop/exhibition/art talks in Swedish archipelago at Art See Ocean Gallery.

Art See Ocean Gallery & Artist in residence 

Summer openings, workshops and artist talks!

Upcoming dates for our art events with live music is June 29th and August 31st. 

Welcome to on of Swedens most breathtaking places where the forrest meets the sea.

Art See Ocean is run by artists Stefan and Theresa Lekberg.

In this residence we offer artists what we love

Our home, solitude, a place in nature & studio space. 

At Art See Ocean we do not care for pre concieved ideas and ready made results. We believe that the process is key to creating art and going into the unknown is a act of bravery and great source of creativity. 

During the residency we make a short artist talk with the artist in a life conversation with us about the process of being here. 

 Welcome to see our profile, deadline or go to Artseeocean.com for information.

Dont hesitate to contact us directly at artseeocean@artseeocean.com

Welcome to Art See Ocean residence

/Stefan & Theresa Lekberg

Artist program-
Art See Ocean is located in a excuisite nature reserve in the most beautiful Swedish archipelago, here you find a oasis for resetting and coming back to yourself and your creative process in your own studiospace, undisturbed in a rural nature surrounded by forest and ocean.

Studio- four studios
The studio in the big house is 45 square meters and depending on how much space you need there are plenty of rooms in the facilities. We have three studios is in a total area of 100 square meters, with a restroom and kitchenette.

Different kind of arts- who are you
If you are a painter it is easy because we are painters and have studios.
Film-workers have been here working with their movies and loved it here.
If you are a writer that is also perfect.
If you are a musician, you are in good company, we are happy to have you here.

Money- fee *
The price includes accommodation and studio space.

And pic up/ drop off att Skavsta airport or nearest bus/ train station.

Price for two weeks 700 €
one month 1200 €.

With food included
70 €/week
see artseeocean.com for updated pricelists.

The residency is self-catered about cooking and cleaning.

You need to bring your own art material or we arrange for you to get it once you arrive, we have a small art material store on sight.

Send us a mail with a short film clip with you, your life and your art.
Let us know about your expectations on your residency stay
and when & for how long you wish to stay.