Beijing Flash Biennale The Evolution of Beijing‘s Art District &Stuido

Beijing Flash Biennale: The Evolution of Beijing’s Art Districts

The Beijing Flash Biennale is a documentary exhibition about the evolution of Beijing's art districts over the past 30 years. It is also a story of contemporary Chinese artists' struggles in Beijing.

The exhibition takes the form of a timeline, beginning with the emergence of the Yuanmingyuan Artists’ Village in 1990. The exhibition primarily presents archives, artworks, and other materials provided by the artists. Through a timeline, the viewer comes to clearly understand the changes that have taken place in Beijing’s art districts over the last 30 years and artists’ experiences as their studios moved and changed.

Being an artist is a wonderful profession, but it can also be itinerant, difficult, and painful. For the sake of art, these artists have gathered here and collectively written the evolutionary history of art in Beijing over the last thirty years. For the sake of art, they have moved constantly, simply wanting to realize their artistic dreams. For the sake of art, they moved to Beijing and shaped the values of Chinese contemporary art.