CERAMIC SAFARI - “The meaning of eating with all senses”

Specialiced workshop in the design of utilitarian ceramic and porcelain pieces to eat with sense

Experimental workshop held by artists Peter Beasecker (USA) and Marilu Rosenthal (Chile) who will maintain an ongoing dialogue with chef Yusuke Honda (USA), reflecting on the complementarity between the food and plate that contains it.

Each attendee will individually be responsible to solve a dilemma about designing and making a ceramic piece proposed by the chef and teachers.

Peter started this exploration some time ago in the United States with "Tei Tei Project" for 5 years, and this summer we will have it in Chile: http://peter-beasecker.com/?p=8

General information:
Dates: Saturday 31 January to 14 February 2015. 

Fee: US$ 2.500 Including all meals at Art Center (not including restaurants in Valparaiso and Santiago), all materials to work during the workshop (clay, glazes, etc.) and transportations.
US$ 250 in advance are required to make the reservation

Payments are made by Paypal

We call it "Safari Workshop" because students stay in tents that are enabled as a hotel room, with mattress, sheets, blanket, a lamp, a rug and towels. Shared bathrooms.

During the workshop we have planned small trips to Valparaiso and Santiago to visit museums or some ceramists ateliers while the kilns are cooling down.

Karen Sherwin R.