On the bright side there is color

Exhibition of I: project space artist-in-resident Michael Bodenmann together with Jiajia Zhang

For this exhibition the two artists Michael Bodenmann and Jiajia Zhang will show works that reflect on artistic working conditions and the perception of images.

The objects shown in this exhibition by Michael Bodenmann are the result of his research-based stay in the residency program of I: project space. He used the three months stay to reflect on his photographic archive.

The settings in the exhibition bring existing and sometimes subconscious preconceptions of the exotic to the surface. With his small sculptures, that seem to be abstracted photo studios, Michael Bodenmann wants to find criteria used to select and interpret images that you are confronted with every day.

Continuing this critical approach towards the use of images, Jiajia Zhang is recycling a questionnaire by Paul Thek put together in the 70s for his art students and pairing them with her photographs. Placing these questions of Thek in public space Jiajia Zhang offers a way to rethink and reevaluate views on art and life in general. The intervention will be photographed and translated into an installation within the exhibition setting.