Call for Papers on Artist Residencies

CFP- On the Move or On the Run: Artist Residencies as Exile, Nomadism, or Community?

As an independent member of Resartis, I invite the community to submit proposals for the session I will chair at the Southeastern College Art Conference in October, to be held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. 

On the Move or On the Run: Artist Residencies as Exile, Nomadism, or Community?
The number of artist residencies has grown phenomenally in the last few decades, “from 60 . . . in 1990 to . . . over 1,500 worldwide in 2012,” according to the Alliance of Artists Communities. In 2013 alone, 20,000 or more artists attended a residency for multiple weeks at a stretch. Why do artists gravitate toward these alternate spaces, away from, or in place of, a studio near home? Perhaps the legacy of Plato's dismissal of artists from his ideal community gives rise to the question: Where is the place for the artist? 'Exile' and 'nomadism' seem to imply escaping to a space outside or beyond the norm of community, yet a supportive community is what residencies seem to promote. And community seems in contrast to the lofty status (whether real or perceived) of the 'Artist-in-Residence' garnered by invitation or by a juried application process. Which begs another question: is the residency an exclusive form of tourism? This panel's aim is to open up a discussion around these and other paradoxes of the popularity of global artist residencies by questioning their form, their content, and their impact.

The official website is http://www.secollegeart.org/conference

Session chair: Deborah Bouchette, Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts.
Contact: dbouchette@idsva.org