Culture Vultures Artist Residence – The Villa

The spacious arts hub is cushioned a five minute walk outside of the ancient medina of Sefrou.

Culture Vultures Artist Residence – The Villa
Culture Vultures Artists Villa based in Sefrou, North Morocco is created to house artists and arts workers and to present projects and performances. This exciting new addition to the organisations portfolio enables creators and thinkers a place of both tranquility and stimulation that runs in conjunction with the arts organizations’ residency programs and offers arts practitioners invaluable working space and time. C.V.’s Artists Villa is a perfect residence and location for personal, artistic and cultural exploration.  Moreover the Villa and its grounds entice happenings and performances.

The spacious arts hub is cushioned a five minute walk outside of the ancient medina of Sefrou and a few minutes’ walk to transport to Fez and beyond.  An abundant garden surrounds the building entirely to add to a serenity that delivers leafy corners and shady areas for reflection, personal space and cultural and arts platforms.

Culture Vultures Artist Villa – Sefrou
Sefrou’s historical walled town, in the North of Morocco, dates even further back than the close by ancient Imperial capital, Fez, 1200 years old. Firstly founded by Amazigh people, later Jews settled, followed by Arabs, Muslims and Sephardic Jews, in the last century Sefrou hosted the French colonialists, who named the town ’Le Jardin du Maroc’. Culture Vultures embraces the towns’ hospitable role by creating an international artist residency for creative and curious visitors from around the globe to add to its rich and colorful tapestry.

Mixing the contemporary and the traditional, enabling community engagement and encouraging cross cultural dialogue through the arts are high priorities for the residency’s program. Now in its 6th year, Culture Vultures boasts a broad contact network of local academics, musicians, artisans and arts supporters that back artists’ projects and creative practice.

NB –  Internet Access – The Villa is not equipped with WiFi. Culture Vultures has access to internet at our hub in the old town of Sefrou, there are wifi cafes in and around town and internet accessories for computers can be purchased by artists in up-most need to use the net at night.

Project facilitation, presentations, studios spaces and arts assistants can be arranged. Rates are structured exclusively. For artists and researchers interested in residing in C.V.’s Artist Villa and working in Sefrou, request information and an application form from cvairs@yahoo.com. Note, the definition of artist is broad.

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Culture Vultures Artist Residence – The Villa


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