Res Artis at Festival IN (PT)

Meet Res Artis at the Festival IN in Lisbon, Portugal.

Res Artis is going to participate in the Festival IN – a reference initiative for cultural and creative industries in Lisbon, Portugal from April 24th-26th. 

The festival has the main goal of connecting different networks in one global one. For Res Artis, the festival is an interesting opportunity to meet other international organisations in the cultural and creative industries, explore trends and potential collaborations and to promote the artist residency field.

In case you are in Portugal on these days, you are very welcome to join us at Festival IN. We try to organise a small meet and greet gathering with organisations at the Festival. Are you an organisation in the artist residency field or related to it and would like to join? Please let us know under office@resartis.org as we have some free entrance tickets available.

For more information visit: http://www.festivalin.pt/ 

Res Artis at Festival IN (PT)

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