Announcing autumn residency harvesting and preparation of traditional KOZO fibre to paper

Harvesting Kozo fibre from our paper mulberry plantation including traditional preparation of the fibres , followed by sheet forming processes traditional & modern.

One week residency for up to 3 artists sharing the accommodation .

Dates each week from 1st November - 20th December 2015.

traditionally harvested after the first frost we will be working outside for all processes therefore warm and waterproof clothing is required, as well as gardening type gloves.

The week consists of:

day 1 - introduction to KOZO fibre  and cutting of branches

day 2 - steaming cut branches

day 3 - separating inner bark from outer bark 

day 4- cooking in lye

day 5 - rinsing -  beating with wooden mallet - sheet forming.

day 6 - different  sheet forming  techniques and drying of papers

day 7 - continue with personal project -gathering and  assessment of information