Open Call || Artists International Workshop || 360 º Context and Process

september 10 | Open Call | Artists International Workshop | 360 º Context and Process

The International Artists Workshop TRIANGLE NETWORK will take place at HANGAR between 5th and 15th November 2015. Under the theme “360º Context and Process”, applications will be accepted until September 10th.


1. About the Workshop, dates, place and organizers:

a) 360º – CONTEXT AND PROCESS is the fourth Triangle Network (trianglenetwork.org) workshop held in Portugal. The workshop follows this international network model, i.e., gather for a period of 10 days a group of local and international artists (in equal numbers) allowing them to work collectively and to exchange artistic, process and cultural experiences. A program of presentations, seminars and an Open Day complete the workshop’s activities and give support and visibility to the work in progress. Three international artists and three national artists will participate in this project. A group will be selected by invitation or selected from the Triangle Network group of artists. The other participants will be selected through an Open Call to artists with or without previous experiences in this network. This workshop will provide the network with new artists, allowing them to beneficiate in the future from these international workshops, currently implemented worldwide.

b) The workshop will be held from November 5th to November 15th 2015.

c) The workshop will take place at HANGAR Artistic Residencies Centre at Graça, Lisboa , Portugal.

d) The workshop is organized by Xerem – Cultural Association (Lisbon) and Triangle Network (London).

2. Objectives, conditions and artists’ profiles:

a) The workshop is intended to:

– create a space for reflexion where artists are invited to develop their work, while collaborating in a context with experimentation and contact with the other artists;

– allow for dialogue and artistic exchange between an international group of artists that explores diversity and understanding between different cultures;

– offer access to alternative spaces to develop site-specific work;

– offer to the general public a unique experience within the contemporary art practice, complementing or as an alternative to the experience offered by formal institutions and commercial galleries;

– allow a diversified audience to access the creative process through an Open Day and a public program of talks and other events.

b) The workshop offers:

– accommodation to artists residing outside Lisbon;

– meals;

– working space;

– a program consisting of talks, seminars and an Open Day;

– fee and/or support to the production, 300€ in total (mandatory delivery of invoices );

– creative, curatorial and technical support;

– collaboration between artists and curators;

– work and research environment, allowing for the professional development and artistic exchange, highlighting the creative process. The sustainability, networking and the creative environment proposed will create the means for the artists to experiment ideas, methods and medium.

– The publication of a book documenting the processes developed by the artists during the workshop.

c) The Workshop does not:

– pay for travel expenses to and from the workshop;

– entry visa;

– insurance for travel and works of art.

d) Artists must:

– be available full time during the workshop;

– participate in all the activities related to the workshop;

– present their work to their fellow artists and other guests;

– authorize the organizers to use images, texts and other kinds of documentation related to their work in order to promote the workshop, as well as be available to participate in the process of selecting this material;

– develop a creative process and be independent;

– inform the organizers in due time of any production needs, respecting the deadlines;

– be receptive to develop an activity that might include a participatory or collaborative process;

– work on the presentation format for the Open Day, the workshop’s closing event, taking in consideration that process and experimentation will be valued over the presentation of a finalized work of art;

– collaborate in the closing tasks, such as cleaning the work space;

– be responsible for the transportation of works of art after the workshop. The organizers are not responsible for the storage of any object, material or equipment;

– pay for travel expenses to and from the workshop;

– be responsible for obtaining entry visas, if necessary;

– be responsible for obtaining insurances for works of art or travel, if necessary.

3. Call for Entries:

b) Opening: 25th July 2015

c) Deadline for submitting entries: September 10th 2015, 11.59 pm.

d) Selected artists will be informed of the results by email until September 20th 2015.

4. Open Call’s reach and applicants profile

a) This Open Call is both for national and international artists.

b) The national applicants should be artists of Portuguese nationality residing in Portugal or abroad, as well as artists that are not of Portuguese nationality but reside in Portugal. The International Call is open to artists of any nationality (except for Portuguese) residing outside Portugal.

c) Applicants must accept working with limited material resources, be interested in a relational approach with the residency space and with the other participants as well as taking the experience of the workshop as an opportunity to develop original and experimental creative processes.

5. Submitting the entries:

Necessary documents (in English or Portuguese):

a) Updated Curriculum Vitae;

b) Selected Portfolio;

c) Motivation letter that includes a brief synopsis of ideas to be developed during the workshop;

d) Entries must be submitted exclusively by email (geral@hangar.com.pt∫) and the requested documentation must be submitted in PDF format (up to 10 MB).

6. Jury:

The Jury is composed by:

Mónica de Miranda (Hangar), Gabriela Salgado (independent curator), Bruno Leitão (Curatorial Director Hangar)

7. Final considerations:

a) The Jury’s decision is final and there is no place to appeal.

b) Organizers will exclude applications not compliant with the above stated regulations.

c) The conditions presented in these Regulations may be compromised if the state funding necessary to this project is not achieved or is delayed.

d) Any situation not included in these regulations will be taken in consideration by the organizers.

e) By submitting their application, applicants declare to knowingly accept all the terms of these regulations.