2015 "Branchentreff" in Berlin

The 3rd "Branchentreff"(industry-get-together) for the free performing arts in Berlin from Oct 8-10.

Peter Legemann from Schloss Bröllin is representing Res Artis and the ‘PAiR’ Initiative - Performing Arts in Residence at the "Branchentreff" in Berlin.

The Performing Arts Programm of the "Landesverband der freien darstellenden Künste" (Performing Arts Association) Berlin will be hosting the third "Branchentreff"
(industry-get-together) for the free performing arts in Berlin (October 8th-10th, Aufbau Haus).

The industry get together is a congress for all participants in the wide field of the performing arts. Main Themes are: Structures for free artists, Strategies to influence politics, many aspects of marketing for free productions, and (mostly) networking, but also asthetic panels.

For more information on the event, please visit: http://www.pap-berlin.de/die-module-des-performing-arts-programm/branchentreff/branchentreff-2015/