South America Workshop: "SHINOS for Wood and Reduction"

Workshop: "SHINOS for Wood and Reduction" Valparaiso, Chile. January 9 - 22, 2016.

Curaumilla Arts Center (CAC)

Curaumilla Art Center is a collective space for reflection, discussion, exploration, research, testing, development and training in various fields of contemporary art and their crosses with trades. Curaumilla Art Center is a learning experience that stimulates artistic self-expression through involutional processes that encourages us to go beyond our limits. The isolated geographical location of the CAC induces deep immersion processes and skills development in all areas.

Course Description:

This summer, Kent, Doug and Pelusa will be working on the wheel and hand building forms that will then be glazed in a variety of traditional Japanese Shino glazes.
The origin of the Shino glaze is related to the tea ceremony in Japan since the sixteenth century, a glaze that in it´s origins was white. The Shinos have evolved in the West, giving a variety of colors with stunning depth that is affected by the components of clay, the type of firing and thickness when applied.
The work will be fired in wood and reduction kilns, allowing students to explore contemporary applications of this ancient glaze tradition.

It is suggested that attendees have previous knowledge about Ceramics, so they can get more out of the Workshop.
The workshops at Curaumilla Arts Center are a life experience and it requires intense handwork. We call it "Ceramic Safaris" because you will stay in tents during the two weeks, with the comforts of an internationally five stars hotel.

The membership includes access to the studio with materials and firings, transportation between the airport and the Arts Center, accommodation and meals for two weeks. There are some activities outside the center that are not included, one or two trips to places of general interest to the end of the workshop while waiting for the kiln to cool.

US $ 2.700 - All Inclusive: Workshop, materials (clay, glaze, firings, etc.), transport and accommodation (not including restaurants in Valparaiso and Santiago).
Deposit $ 250 in advance.
Payments can be made through Paypal or a bank transfer.

The "Ken and Yoko Matsuzaki scholarship" is open and available. You must apply by sending your portfolio, with a full resume of your experience, photographs of your work and a letter describing why you want to be part of this Workshop. This will be evaluated by the committee and we will give you an answer shortly.
This information should be sent to Matias Honorato (matias.h15@gmail.com) The answer will be given a few days after receiving the information.

Teachers of International level:

Kent McLaughlin

Kent is dedicated full time to his pottery, mainly utilitarian pieces making both porcelain and stoneware. He had study many oriental glazes, within which include Shinos, Celadon and Khaki Mashiko, which refer to the fertility of the land surrounding his studio and home. Kent has taught at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Penland School of Crafts, Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Odyssey Center for the Ceramic Arts, JC Campbell Folk School and Brevard Community College in Florida.
He and his wife Suze Lindsay pottery formed the "Fork Mountain Pottery" in Bakersville, NC., Where they conduct annual fairs are visited by people from all over the United States.


Doug Casebeer
Artistic director of Ceramics and Sculpture and Art residency program at Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Colorado USA. Professor at Anderson Ranch for 29 years.
Doug makes constant conferences, about workshops in ceramic, construction of ovens and he has exhibited his work around the world.
From its beginnings in 2007 he has been part of the International Curaumilla Art Center Directory.
His work is hold by collections worldwide, including a permanent installation since 2007 at the Yingge Ceramics Museum in Taiwan. In 2009 Doug was elected member of the International Academy of Ceramics in Geneva, Switzerland.


Marilu Pelusa Rosenthal

She studied geography and then ceramics in Chile, France and the United States. She has made ceramic residencies in Venezuela and the United States.
Her creative work is very influenced by nature, especially its processes and mineral composition. Through fire, colors and textures of ceramic tiles, the pieces are in permanent communication with Earth, where there is a special interest in utilitarian pottery to create an intimate relationship between the piece and the person.
Today she teaches and works as a Ceramist in her studio in Santiago, besides being the director of the Curaumilla Art Center.
Her work has been exhibited in Chile, Venezuela, Brazil, the United States and Korea.


Please join us and share our 2016 summer SAFARI Shino experience!

South America Workshop: "SHINOS for Wood and Reduction"