Windows Into Heaven: Iconography Workshop in NYC

Windows Into Heaven: Iconography Workshop in NYC.

Two-day Iconography Workshop

Saturday & Sunday, January 23 & 24, 2016

Workshop Description

Our Iconography workshop is set up as an introduction to painting traditional Romanian Icons on Glass. We teach our students centuries old painting techniques in Byzantine art used on reverse glass painting. We selected specific icons for this project that each student will be able to learn the most techniques from. Including painting the face, garments, decorative backgrounds and applying 24K gold leaf. The workshop is planned that each student will be able to complete a fully finished icon during the weekend.

What to Expect 

Each day begins with a lecture on Byzantine and Romanian art, giving the students a full understanding of the tradition and value of this medieval art form. During the workshop each student will learn a step-by-step process to complete a traditional Icon. The instructor Lee Vasu, will work with each individual student instructing them through the drawing, painting and gold leaf process. Students will learn the main reasons for painting icons, gain knowledge of the history and painting methods of the Byzantines by creating visually stunning icons. We will plan a powerful image, composition, values, mixing colors, depth and painting application processes for reverse glass painting. Including applying 24K gold leaf techniques.


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Windows Into Heaven: Iconography Workshop in NYC


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