Last Residencies for Sa Taronja in Mallorca?

Sa Taronja - The Orange - a unique artist-run centre in Mallorca, is up for grabs.

The Last Artist Residencies can now be booked at Sa Taronja, an artist-initiated organisation in wonderful rural surroundings, three km from the sea, in Mallorca.

For reasons of age, health and lack of financial resources the owner is about to give up - just as, ironically, the centre has been given a chance to create a new 15-apartment residence in one of its old agricultural halls. Sa Taronja is expected to carry on until midsummer 2016 - or maybe even a few months more - but if a visionary millionaire cannot be found to support it, buy it, or initiate the building of the planned new residence wing (which will make it become completely self-financing, even profitable), it will simply be closed when the money runs out, and the island will lose its most idiosyncratic cultural centre. 

Over the last 15 years it has been supported in part by grants from local authorities and private sponsors, and enjoyed a period of very intense activity. Although the economic climate in Spain meant the end of public funding for a while, there are positive signs on the horizon.

If you believe that art is vital to society and you know of anyone who might be interested in giving a new meaning and direction to their life by plunging into a fascinating cultural adventure that creates a profound impact on the lives of people around them, has enormous potential and involves spending lots of time in the Mediterranean, put them in touch with us!

The light should not go out on Sa Taronja’s golden oranges! The adventure must go on!

An information pamphlet in English, Spanish or German as well as a video with versions in the three languages can be accessed here: www.sataronja.net 

Contact: Tina Horne

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