TEH Meeting - It´s (about) politics

Trans Europe Halles Meeting in Vienna in May.

Our colleague network Trans Europe Halles (TEH) is organising the upcoming conference "It´s (about) politics" taking place in Vienna in May.

The Trans Europe Halles Meeting 81 at WUK offers room for debate and reflection upon the emancipatory potential and impact of cultural practice. It’s (about) politics investigates what it means to be ‘political’: What does it mean for cultural centres? For each and every one of us? How do we act? How can we act – as individuals, as collectives, as institutions?

The conference will focus on the self-conception and the role of cultural centres as institutions as well as the importance of art and culture in a political present characterised by the dynamics of inequality. In four thematic ‘routes’ It’s (about) politics will address a variety of issues, from contemporary political theory to practice-oriented inputs. From the perspectives of politicisation, networking, and building alliances, the possibilities of individual and collective political action will be discussed and interventions will be planned in the framework of more than 30 workshops, lectures, and talks by and with around 60 speakers.

Deadline for registration is April 26th.

For more information: http://itsaboutpolitics.wuk.at/