Summer Workshop | Zoetrope Sun Upstate New York at Arts Letters and Numbers

Four-week intensive workshop, focused on interdisciplinary creation of new works towards a Festival.

During the four-week intensive workshop, we will bring together Architects, Artists, Filmmakers, Musicians, Composers, Physicists, Poets, Craftspeople, Photographers, Actors, Mimes, Chefs, Magicians, Historians, Scientists, and Scholars to co-construct a disciplinary Zoëtrope: a living system of knowledge-transformation turning within light and time, water and clouds, life and still life, cameras and projectors, nights and days, words and voices, an emergent microclimate that evokes the origins of life itself—animation, anima, zoë, life—a “Zoëtrope Sun”.

Each year we look to new questions, territories, and challenges for the Summer Workshop project. We hope for the workshops to be a place for the discovery of new works and ideas. Each of our previous workshops has been essential to the growth and transformation of Arts Letters & Numbers. This year’s Summer Workshop is taking form as another vast and cross-pollinating project.

Visiting Artists
The Workshop will be directed by David Gersten and co-taught by Arts Letters & Numbers Fellows and a wide range of visiting artists, scientist and scholars including; Michael Benson, Robert Dalton Harris, Diane DeBlois, Gearoid Dolan, Ed Keller, Rich Kuperberg, Bill Morrison, Laurie Olinder, Louise Pelletier, Alberto Perez Gomez, Wes Rozen, Jessie Shefrin, and Uri Wegman.

All the work will be shared though a series of exchanges including lectures, readings, critiques, workshops, and performances. The conversations will offer the opportunity for individual disciplines to speak to one another and create new associative linkages through the questions asked.

Music Program
This summers workshop will be a unique opportunity for musicians to work closely and continuously with artists in a wide array of other disciplines. Directed by composer and performer Michael Harrison, the music program will begin on July 23rd and end on August 7th. Working with ALN founder David Gersten, and all of the participants and visiting artists, Michael will guide the creation of new collaborative and multidisciplinary works to be presented in performances as part of the ALN summer festival.

Principles of structure and form in music and how they translate into the other disciplines will be explored. To create a meaningful experience for each individual, the structure and nature of the program will be flexible so that each artist’s contributions support the larger, collaborative body of work.

For the past two summers Michael has been a visiting artist and a vital presence within the program, teaching workshops that explored various music elements. This year, he will be joined by Sam Torres, Sophia Vastek, and other visiting artists to be announced.

The ongoing workshops, presentations, and private instruction will include:

● Multi-disciplinary collaboration and performance (all faculty)
● Composition (Harrison)
● Jazz and improvisation (Torres)
● Piano and chamber music performance (Vastek)
● Electronic and electroacoustic music (Torres)
● Singing and playing Indian ragas (Harrison)
● Just intonation and microtonality (Harrison)

The music program is one of many components that will take place during the workshop. Please follow our news feed for updates on what's to come.

Recognizing the immense creative blossoms that emerge from the workshop environment, we decided to expand the single night final performance that we have done annually so far to a three day multiple-stage, multiple-event festival, set on the site of the workshop and other venues within the town.

It will encompass the performances, music, exhibits, food events, poetry, and presentations that will unfold from the diverse interactions born of and borne by the workshop environment. We also see this year's festival as a great opportunity to open up Arts Letters and Numbers to the public and imagine ALN as an active place of artistic flourish in the Town.

The festival will take place between Friday August 5th and Sunday August 7th.

This summer’s workshop will be held at our headquarters: the Mill and the House on the Hill in Averill Park, a small hamlet within the town of Sand Lake, a 25-minutes drive from Albany, New York. The Mill, built in 1918, was originally the storehouse for raw cotton as part of the historic Faith Mills textile complex. The House on the Hill, built in 1859, was the Mill owner’s house overlooking the entire Mill complex. In its peak, the Faith Mills harnessed the power of the Wynantskill River and was one of the premier textile factories in the area. The Mill complex was incorporated into the Sand Lake Historical Society in 2005.

Today the Mill and the House on the Hill serve as the home of Arts Letters & Numbers and have become a transformative site of renewal where multiple disciplines converge. On the first floor of the Mill are the shops for wood and metal work. The second floor houses the kitchen, gravel stage, interior studio, meeting, and performance space. The surrounding exterior grounds provide open space for artistic exploration and experimentation.

The Mill, the House on the Hill, and its context will bridge the questions asked across a diverse spectrum of disciplines, serving as the primary site for collective sharing and learning. Our dinners, lectures, workshops, and critiques are held in this space. A communal live/work environment is an integral part of the workshop experience where the practice of living reflects an approach to the work and hones the potential for interactions across various disciplines.

The Workshop fee covers workshop accommodation, participation, local transportation, and basic materials:

Accommodation includes shared room and board with daily dinner and self-service breakfast & lunch.

Participation includes communal studio space, hands-on construction experience, individual and group instructions, critiques, exhibitions and performances, and visits from guest speakers and artists.

Transportation for group excursions and also including pick-up and drop-off to/from Albany

Material, tools and equipment connected to the group works for the workshop is covered. Participants are responsible for personal materials used in their creative work.

Equipment and instruments are available in a limited selection for shared use. Each participant is encouraged to bring the equipment/instrument they find necessary for their participation.

Arts Letters & Numbers is unfortunately not able to provide any insurance for the participants at this point. Please make sure you have a proper insurance and coverage for the entire length of your stay.

Full workshop July 9th – Aug 7th.................. $ 2800
Two week participation ............................... $ 1600

We will strongly recommend attending the full four-week workshop. However, depending on available spaces, we will accept shorter attendances with a minimum stay of two weeks.

Application deadline May 1st 2016

We recognize that the costs are significant and do all we can to keep them as low as possible. It is our goal to make the workshop available and affordable to all qualified applicants who would like to attend. To this end, we do offer a limited number of Work-Scholarships, which trade one week of Pre-Workshop work for a 50% discount off one week of the workshop.

The Pre-Workshop scholarship involves coming to the Mill before the workshop begins and working with the preparation team to get things ready. This again involves a wide variety of tasks from basic construction and painting to material sourcing, gathering and set up. These Pre-workshop scholarships can be from one to four weeks in advance of the workshop.

Sponsoring or Volunteering
If you are interested in providing support for this year's workshop, you can help in many ways: sponsorship for participant scholarships, visiting artist's projects, workshops, lectures or performances, funding or sponsorship for the festival or volunteering your time and services. Please click the button below to tell us how you would like to help.

SUPPORT THE WORKSHOP: http://www.artslettersandnumbers.com/zoetrope-sun 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate sending us an email at: info@artslettersandnumbers.com 


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