Fake It ´Til You Make It

NARS Foundation is pleased to present one-night hybrid event "Fake It ´Til You Make It".

June 21st, 06:30 pm
NARS Foundation, 201 46th Street

NARS Foundation is pleased to host  FAKE It 'til you MAKE It, a one night, hybrid event devoted to film screenings, performance and movement, produced by artist in residence, Jenny Laiwint, andAnA Collaborations.  This event will double as Open Studios for current residency and studio artists at NARS Foundation.

FAKE It 'til you MAKE It takes the term authenticity, and the many ways we strive for it, to task. What does authentic transformation
look and feel like? Can we recognize it when it happens or achieve it while performing in highly constructed environments? The program brings together artists who employ multiple strategies and mediums to navigate ambiguous spaces between authentic expression and performance, documentary and drama.

Featured artists: AnA Collaborations, Harry Cepka, Lauren Francescone, Sascha Garrey, Nicholas Grubbs, Maya Jeffereis, James N. Kienitz Wilkins, Jennifer Laiwint

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