Chinese European Art Center Exhibition

Stay Put by Bettie van Haaster.

Stay Put…
Bettie van Haaster (The Netherlands)

Opening: Saturday October 29 at 5 PM
Duration: October 29 till November 19, 2016
Open: Tuesday to Saturday 13.00 – 17.30

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Chinese European Art Center is pleased to announce Bettie van Haaster:

Stay put… This is the artist’s first solo-show in China

Stay put is an exhibition which shows drawings and watercolours made over a period of 10 years. All works are made by looking closely at immediate surroundings.

In drawings shapes and spaces and their intricate interweaving are followed.

In watercolours fields and shapes of fleshy colour are depicted.The artist alternates making small structured paintings with thickly applied paint with periods of drawing and making watercolors.

Both are sides of an earthiness underlying all works, referring to landscapes and spaces which can be seen as landscapes of our thoughts.

The title Stay put refers to a quote from the book One square inch of silence by Gordon Hempton and John Grossmann. This book tells about a man’s journey to investigate and preserve silence as a human right to be able to connect with ourselves.

-Stay put is also needed to make the works.

-Stay put is needed to look at them and see. 

Stay put and concentrates on what you see in your everyday surroundings.

There you”ll find wonderful shapes and colours in a cat, fruit, a plant or tree.

All the miracles of the world are in closed in that surrounding, if you take time and see.

Bettie van Haaster is born in the Netherlands her background is tulip and hyacinth growers and workers with nature. Raised with both an eye for beauty and admiration for the world of nature and familiar with the ground work that goes with it. Her work is represented by various Dutch museums. She lives and works in Amsterdam