Chinese European Art Center Exhibition

Mind flows with heart; Soul come from mind by Elley Li.

Mind flows with heart, Soul come from Mind / Elley Li (China/Canada)
Opening: Saturday January 7 at 5 PM / Duration: January 7 till 21, 2017
Open: Tuesday to Saturday 13.00 – 17.30
Chinese European Art Center, 3rd Floor, Siming South Road 400, Xiamen
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Clear your mind, hands up and inks down
Listen to your heart, let hands follow your heart
Is it painting? Is it from the heart?

It is painting; it is from the heart
Back to the childlike innocence
It is my thinking. It is your seeing
Who is rightWho is wrong?

There is no right; there is no wrong
To see the joy or sorrow, it is upon your mind
Paint from the heart; the heart sings with it

Growing up in Xiamen, Elley Li used to work in Hong Kong and currently lives in Victoria Canada, a city resembling old Xiamen. 

Listened to an anonymous voice, she quitted the nine-to-five routine job as an accountant and moved to Victoria to study photography. Even she focused on pictorolism to create her photography works; she never found herself gifted in painting and was least interested in abstract painting. By coincidence, she became a self-taught painter focusing on Zen and abstract painting. Without restrictions, she paints whatever materials available and from her heart. Her works were published on Canadian magazines and book cover, as well as Shanghai magazine. Selected to be judge’s choice when being exhibited in Canada, they were also on show in the Saanich city hall, Victoria Airport and art galleries.

Featuring a cross-media presentation, this exhibition applies different materials such as Chinese ink, acrylic, photography, rice paper, canvas, watercolor paper, glass and wood. It is also a combination of painting, poetry and music. Indebted to Elley Li’s primary school classmate Li Qihan, whose literary grace generates poems about his understanding of Elley Li’s work, the exhibition gained elevated splendor. Elley Li also expresses her ideas in poems. Different people may have different interpretations and there is no right or wrong as I paint from my heart and you feel it. Most of Elley Li’s work has no signatures because her works could be appreciated from different perspectives according to the changing moods and seasons. Mind flows with heart and soul come from Mind.

The exhibition space is presented in the light of different phases with songs in our life:

the carefree <Childhood> in a simple black and white fashion, the colorful adolescence pursuing romantic love, waiting for <Orchid Flower> to be blossomed; the adult period busy striving, in the belief that <Hard Work Brings Success>; the more restrained and fruitful middle age follow with midlife crisis, then enjoy the <Sky is the Limit>, the senior age enjoying the nature of the <Four seasons>.

Australian flautist Effie Hamilton will interpret in the opening ceremony the flavor of different stages in life with music based on her reflections on the exhibition.

Short introduction about Effie Hamilton:
Australian flautist Effie Hamilton completed her Bachelor of Music (Honours) in 2011 at Monash University under the tutelage of Andrew Macleod (Melbourne Symphony Orchestra) and James Kortum (Sydney Conservatorium of Music). Effie has since given performances and undertaken intensive study in Australia, Europe and Asia.

Effie is particularly interested in developing her artistic practice in China and contributing to the cross-cultural exchange between China and Australia. In the last two years,

Effie has extensively toured China as principal flute in Opera and Broadway productions. 

Effie is currently artist in residence at CEAC.

Childhood  <Childhood >
Born with free mind
Cry as sad
Laugh as happy
Start with black and white
Fill in with color

Scrawl is the nature
Canvas is everywhere
Paint following the heart
“A childhood is full of games”.

Adolescence  <Orchid flower>
To write a new song
Pretending sadness
To be romantic
While unaware it

“Coming from the mountains
carrying an orchid flower,
Plant it in the small yard
expecting its early blossom. ‘
The sentiments of a teenager are in riotous profusion.

Adulthood  <Hard work brings success>
Reveal the bitterness unknown to others
After drunken
It sometimes likes water plants
Helpless without knowing where to go
It sometimes glories
Linger on the level of appearance
Life is both simple and complicated
Always have the faith
Working hard will bring the success.

Middle age  <Sky is the Limit>
Enjoy the fruitiness
Relax and energetic
Sky is the limit
Bird flies freely

View the world
Clear and blur
Facing life and death
To live or survive?

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication
Purify the colors
Mediation in chaos
Back to my heart

Old age 
Back to the childhood
Return to the human nature
Seeking no more
Enjoy the seasons